Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Jeremy gets caught out in the tide..and a ZL retreat

Popaa, this week has been a crazy one! I am very appreciative of all the support you have been to me. My new companion is Elder Moon. He's a great kid, I love the guy. He graduated high school this last year so he's still pretty young but he's been a huge help to in keeping going. He's been a bit home sick, but I'm trying my best to love him and keep him going. He'll bust through it and he'll be a future leader of this mission I'm sure of it. Sounds like on your end things have been absolutely crazy. Lots of allergic reactions, and a party for Kayla and Jennica! How's the wedding turning out for Jason and Jennica? everything chili kittens? (new term) I did get the flexril and I appreciate it very much. Thanks for that and thank you for the B-day wishes. I'm keeping my B-Day on he lowdown in the ward and trying with my comp so that we can focus as much as possible and so I can focus. I want to party but we did a little something today that was just as good. We were able to go out to the coast. It was crazy. We went to a place called Oceanside. It was beautiful. I'll include pics next week. I got out to a rock in the ocean while the tide was out then bam! the tide was back. I was stuck on this rock about 100ft out into the ocean and the water came in halfway up my legs and got me pretty wet when the water first hit the rock. We got it all on video so its all good and will be funny to watch in the future. Last week before we were paired up with our kids was crazy. I was kickin it most of the week with the other ZL's in the area then when we went to Newberg Wednesday before we got our companions we all slept at the same place and partied haha It was one of the funniest few days of my mission but I definitely am grateful all of us our semi-separated. It was Elder Raulston (Raulsty Jams) my last comp, Elder Andy's or Chet Whang Jackson (I knew him from Springfield), Elder Thompson (Dale), and Elder Worsencroft (Keifer you Suck!)(I knew him from Springfield and other places). Its the crew I've been with for the last 7 months and we are all ZL's so that has been fun. Unfortunately all of them are going home in two transfers. My comp Elder Shipley (Shirly or Shippster) is a new AP, there are 4 of them now. I've made some good friends out here both missionaries and investigators. Its been a crazy week but I'm glad the Lord has given me more to do. Its causing me to stretch and try and be better and to do better. I look forward to these next 6 weeks. At church we had a guy come in and say that he wants to be baptized. He was from Utah, he received a prompting to move here. On top of that he's already taken the lessons and he just wants to get dunked. Its going to be great for my comp. So many miracles have happened since he's been here I'm just glad to be a part of it all. The work is pushing on, miracles are happening all around us and Winn-Dixy Wednesday is right around the corner. (i've been throwing in a bunch of inside jokes, all have been made within the last week haha) My life is the mission now, I am so happy to be here, I'm sad that its on the downhill but I'm grateful for every second I have to be here. If you could shoot Elder Moon a pick me up Email that would be great! I love ya padre. Tell everyone that I love them and I hope they are well. Adios Buckaroo Elder Larsen Sr.

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