Monday, October 28, 2013

Zack doorbell ditches with Robert Downey Jr.??

oh by the way how are things going with the wedding? and with all the people moving? is everything going smoothly? i hope all is well. it will be weird to hear that nobody is in the house am i right? the Larsen household is always crowded. oh my two recent converts are going to Utah for the slc temple around Christmas hope your home so you can see them, they want to come to your place. On Mon, Oct 28, 2013 at 11:12 AM, Zachary Larsen wrote: wow that is a crazy schedule my good father! holloween is going to be great! im carving a pumpkin and going to put it on my head and my trench coat and be the headless horseman! :) guess what I got from a member its a easy company medic paratrooper helmet dated back to WWII that he restored! im so excited! I also got a pic with Robert downy JR. ill send one through email and the rest are on my camera we had dinner with his family :) super awesome! he also took us doorbell ditching its called "booing" people with candy and info to go boo other people its fun so we went doorbell ditching in pross clothes :) we had our baptism and we have 2 more this weekend :) today we are extending the baptism invite to a family of three so im so excited things are going so well! thanks for sending the pics :) I needed them. I don't have pics at all my baptisms just most :) well I have had a great week! transfers are next week so ill email on Tuesday! i think not 100% sure but my going home date is august 28th and jeremys is sep 14th but ill talk to the mish pres on changing my date closer to his or he could ask his pres to change his i dunno. how is kate doing in the play? how is steph doing as a home teacher? when is the house up for sale and do you for sure have perrys old house or just hoping to get it? as you clean my room you may notice a couple holes in the wall ;) oops haha. uuhh anyway i have really enjoyed this week with all that's been going on. when we confirmed Sylvia a member of the church yesterday her husband came to church who has never been to any church ever and the talks were perfect for him so im really hoping things turn out well for him. i love everything here so hop e all is well at home! love you bye!

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