Monday, October 7, 2013

Zack gets job offers??

yea im not that into country but I do like my the avette brothers quite a bit! I still want to hear me some red :) sounds like another busy week! how great was conference?! I loved it! as soon as I heard the sentence sin even if legalized by man is still sin in gods eyes I said TAKE THAT CALIFORNIA AND COLORADO! that was fun :) anyway we had a cool miracle for conference we spent a different session with our investigators or less active members and one of our investigators that was having some issue for baptism right after the session ended looked at us and said ok elders when can I be baptized im ready! so we have two baptisms set for oct 26 and 2 baptisms set for November 2ed! we are very excited and trying our best to work our hardest stay humble and continue to pray for strength! the mission is fun but trunky thoughts have started to flood my mind every now and then because im starting to get offers for jobs and other things that are in my thoughts so working on that! im learning more about wrestling cattle and roping and im learning a lot about leadership! I had some issues in my district with apostasy but I was able to talk with them in a loving way and correct the issues im hoping thigns get better but im still working on it with them. everyone wants me to stay here forever so I think it will be hard when or if I eventually leave. some of the members want me to come back right after my mission and live with them haha! at least I know my ward relations is good check! haha! well things are great! I aint got yer package yet but im anticipating it! im excited to hear from ya and glad all is going well! we have a great zone here with some great goals for the months to come and with that im excited to be a part of it as long as I can! I love you all and if I can do anything for you please let me know! love you muchly! bye!

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