Monday, November 25, 2013

New missionaries in Jeremys Zone!

Hola! Well today was transfers. For the most part our zone has really been buffed up. I've been drained these last few weeks but I look forward to this new transfer with some new faces. I think things will really go well and life is going to be good. As for the Q's you asked I think that I'm getting released the 17th of September, but don't quote me on that. I haven't even talked to him about it being negotiable or not, I dunno. Its not something I've been dwelling on a whole lot. Do you need me to ask soon? Also for the Christmas thing.... I could definitely use a new White Shirt size 15 34/35 (slim fit fosho) (Enro is preferred) If you could send Elder Moon something like a pillow case thats homemade that would be really cool. Dymatize Elite Protein Chocolate is nice (No Casein). Something home made is always cool. Smart wool stuff is appreciated to, its cold haha If its a tie get a copper or a burnt orange paisley, those are sick. Whats up with Katie going to New York??? Errybody needs to slow down and not grow up haha I feel like a little Peter Pan would be good for all you right now. Tell Gordo I love the guy and miss him. Turkey's are funny, I love seein them fight out here, its awesome haha. Did Jason get the sauces I sent him? Also they all settled in? Did Kevin get my letter? They were all in that huge box I sent. Speaking of Massage therapist I need a small Asian woman to dance on my back haha What are the plans for thanksgiving this week? We are playin ball early early, then eating and kickin it all day, its gonna be nice. We are going over to the Farr's for dessert just cause Bro. Farr sounds like Sean Connery. You can just feel the spirit from that family to. Its easy to tell the families that really live the gospel. Thanksgiving dinner is going to be interesting. Its going to be with a great family and also 3 atheists and a physics professor. I'm getting pumped haha This last Sunday we had the Fraser's come to church, this time with all their kids! So sick, I love this family, they're going to make the greatest members of the church. They came to a baptism on Saturday, church Sunday, then we had a lesson that night. Amy has really been noticing that her life has gotten harder since she has started to investigate the church and we started to talk about how Satan is trying to get her from doing the right thing. We had another family over that helped a lot in relating to her. I was able to cause I saw it first hand right before I came out on a mission and I muffed up big time. The saying that before and after every spiritual success is a spiritual darkness is so true. The spirit was crazy strong and they will be dunked soon. I've learned so much out here about God and how he works its just crazy. This has been the greatest experience of my life. I was hurtin pretty bad when I thought about how this was my last Fall here. Keep praying for them and our other Investigators, Doss, Rose-Cole, James and Lyndsay Marck, and Noah & Kye Iverson. I love ya'll and hope you have a great week! Elder Larsen Sr.

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