Monday, November 11, 2013

Tough times in Salem

Hello family!!! BTW I have a bday present for Jason in that box, also a letter for Kevin, if you could get those to them I would appreciate that! Things have been going great! Super super super stressful and I've been going crazy but its been good. The harder it is for me out here the more prepared I'll be when I get back haha I hope that things are going well for Jason! Things have gotta be crazy for them. That is pretty nasty that there were animal parts down there.... Peach must have been much more intense then we ever knew; or wolves just took up residence down there during the winter haha. If by Hasidic you mean the super creepy painting then we can still be cool, the wallpaper was legit! It brought the value of that house way up I thought at least. If life continues the way its been going you'll have been moved out 2 months before we get back and Kevin will be married also, I'm plannin on it ha Tell Alex I call dibs on the next batch of cookies haha Liam is just a helpful little guy. I've grown to love kids, they are just the greatest. We are working with a family right now that are the greatest. It's a PM family, the mom, Amy, just went through a divorce. The husband was keeping her from church but now she's trying to get active. 2 of her kids, Noah and Kye are on date for the 7th of December which will be cool. Those kids mean the world to me. They are the greatest family. We are going to play football with them in just a bit. They are 9 and 11 yrs old. I need to write this before I forget, change my address to 1258 Jory Hill Rd, Salem Oregon, 97306. We are working with another guy named Doss Mckinney who is on date for the 23 of this month, then another awesome family called the Frasers. If you could pray for them each night I would appreciate that. This week I've had some crazy Zone Leader stuff... Moon is getting a crash course in mission craziness... I've had to go on a 5 day split with a companionship cause they couldn't get along. So when it ended we hoped that we would have helped them to start to apply a few ways they could get a long but it didn't work. So they called me up, I went over and this is what I saw: The shower curtain was hanging in the kitchen, the bathtub was running so one of them could "baptize a squirrel", the apartment was wrecked, and one of them had to wash his sheets cause the other said he did some nasty stuff to it.... I had a good 3hr convo with them.... I had a feeling like this is how you must have felt about me sometimes haha You give great advice, then they take a dump on you and do the craziest things in the world.... I've learned a lot about how to deal with bullcrap this transfer cause there has been a ton of it. This quote has given me a lot of comfort "BEFORE and AFTER every spiritual success is a spiritual darkness" Jefferey R. Holland. This has been a dark transfer.. I've had so much crap thrown at me its just been crazy. It's taught me to have more meaningful prayer though. I've learned more then ever before but its been nuts. Well I love you! Tell Kevin to write me response to my letter and tell Jason I'm in the process of writing him one now. I love ya padre! Elder Larsen Sr

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