Thursday, November 28, 2013

Zack and an interesting blessing!

wow sounds fuN! sorry i didnt get to you on monday we h ad our Pday today on thanksgiving! anyway i love yall and miss ya and i hope you have a great thanksgiving! anyway i got the package thank you very much i was able to be very useful with those cookies! we had to deal with an emergence transfer this week and a couple apostate elders lost in the hills which i dont blame them, there is less up there than there is in wilton. you can google maps san andreas or murphys california and see what they have to deal with. well we had a really spiritual week this week! we got called into the hospital for the 4th time to do a blessing but this one was different. we came in and it was a girl named carol and she was not on the hospital records when we called and so we were freaked out because we had a voicemail of her on the phone and we thought its one of those ghost stories or she is in a coma and nobody knows her name and we will have to come and bless her back to life or something. turns out no such luck. we found her but when we walked into the room it was hallowed for sure there was such a strong spirit. the first thing she said is me and my son need to join your church... we dont have anything and dont want anything from the church other than my sons safety. i have seen the church in action and i know that they are the closest to christ. my son is really my grandson but i have full custody of him and his mom is a drug addict going to jail again. i cant ahve him in this situation. im going to die soon. (she has cancer and COPD) she said i wont live probably more than 2 months but please make sure my son is taken care of and that he is safe and can grow up to be a good boy. its was so crazy i was speachless i didnt even know what to say. i couldnt say anything other than what seemed to me missionary cliches about how christ will help her and we will too. it was crazy and a very real experience in the very importance of my calling as a missionary. people are truly relying on me to help them. the only thing she asked of the church was to take care of her son and give her a ride to church. she was so sincier. i went down to the jaw doc because my jaw has been straight up killing me even with the meds and splint and everything he said we may have to go to joint injections for pain andi dont want that :( so im trying another way but hopefully it works anything but those injections haha! i think my jaw has seen better days. tell jason im thinking of nursing school as well i was thinking about med-evac rescue for the civilian military but i think ill settle for firefighter nurse :) :) what can i say great minds think alike only ill be a nurse and a firefighter :) well i have noticed something about lodi, its pretty much utah only its not mormon churches on every corner its 7th day adventest THE RIVAL! we went down one street and counted 4 on the same small street. there is at least two opposing churches on every street and our most common reply is i am comfortable with my church family. our reply is we are teaching about gods church family haha :) but thats only when im really upset and not feeling charitable. i have come to a new saying i like to follow. "come what may and love it" - joseph B worthlin he is a great speaker and i like that because there are a ton of empty doors here. we as a zone are doing amazing this month we have baptized more tahn any other zone and our work is higher than the other zones. same story for december with 21 investigators committed to be baptized we have 3 that are committed to it and we are excited! its not really a measure of mission success but it is a big motivator. well a big shock we got a call from president and he told my comp that his gpa had passed away and that will be interesting to deal with im trying to be there for him without really being overbearing on him. in those situations there is a lot of wrong things you can say and not a lot of right ones. i will jsut be kind to him as best i can. well thats pretty much the week! when is the house selling? i love the cookies and the lettetrs i love yall muchly and hope you have the best thanksgiving evaaarrr!!!!!!!!! I LOVE MASH! well love you all and bye bye!!

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