Monday, November 11, 2013

Zack in Lodi..already 2 baptisms!

i dunno if i got the whole email but i hope so. anyway sounds like a lot of work. so my for sure release date is aug 28th 2014. i dont know if i can extend my mission any longer than it is. president doesnt like to extend missions and also we will be switching mission presidents in july so it will be kinda messy in august. we will see, see if jeremy can get a decrease in his mission time. well sounds like the move is going smoothly. i figured there would be dead something in the pit thats why we call it the pit. make sure all the stuff we have stored away in the room are taken care of well and non are lost because most of that stuff is what im taking to college which since its boxed up the transition will go a lil faster :) Lodi is so different, we have over 350 members but only about 100 to 125 show up in a week. the ward is really old so not a ton of support but at least our ward mission leader is solid, its the first ward mission leader that has actually done his job with the missionaries its great! i dont really like being in ghetto, i thought it was country but thats our neighbors the galt wards. ghetto makes me sad because i love these people, even though i dont know them but i want to help them so bad but they just want to live like this. in the last week i have rejected a heroine dealer, helped an inv return a stolen car, almost got dosed by shaking hands with someone that had wet acid (the drug) on thier hand and gone to the hospital to give a blessing and given 2 other blessings. on top of that lots of meetings. i love being a zone leader because its a position to help the missionaries! i love the meetings because i feel more involved in the mission goals and trainings. Lodi will take some getting use to thats all it is. i know i get called to where i get called to where i need to be. i love the mission and we still have work, we have 2 invs with a baptismal date and all is well. i feel like i need to be better at missionary work because now im a zone leader. i love the mission and im learning a lot. my comp is not really training me to be a zone leader, in fact he looks to me to make choices and i jsut got here so its kinda tough because i dont know whats going on haha! thats how you learn though, just go out and do it. well i love you all so much and i love the family talk to yall next week!

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