Monday, November 18, 2013

Zack leads top Zone in his mission!

that sounds like a crazy move! the pit is organized?!? along with the garage?!?! did you get my burn marks off the wall by the door :) oopps, figured i could tell ya now that im on a mission haha :) well things are are shaping up! we now have 4 people who will be ready for baptism and 2 of them have accepted a date and the other is going today :) we are going to hopefully get a fifth one on board for december :) its hard because he is 12 and wants to join the church really bad and is very grown up but his dad is anti religion and his mom is a Scientology person but is willing to let him make his own choice. we want to bring families into the church not individuals and thats hard because there really is no such thing as a family out here. without families the support is less and activity in the church is not so high. we have been working more in the country part of our 25 miles ward span and that was at my request, i feel like im more of a small town missionary and the town of clements only has 945 people :) we cover 4 lil towns and one big one :) the work is great and things are going well as a zone we have 18 investigators who have accepted to be baptized in december which makes us leading in the mission for missionary work! its awesome! we are jsut trying to keep everyone motivated and happy and working hard and most of all OBEDIENT! thats such a big issue in our mission! elders going to movies and all kinds of stuff so we focus on how to make it an obedient zone along with a fun one! if your not having fun your not doing it right :) i love the work but it can be hard! i hate the ghetto but we have lots of people were teaching there! ill learn to love it i guess but there is only so many times i can get chewed out for "not believing in jesus christ" or "not being christain" or being a "cult" and getting flipped off before i blow up, you know my temper haha. most time i just smile and wave and they get more mad or out of the car and confront us haha :) once someone told us that before joseph smith was a prophet he was a swindler and cheated people out of money for digging for artifacts and i said WOW that is the smartest 13 year old i have ever heard of maybe thats why he was the prophet. he didnt like that just cussed at me and slammed the door haha :) im still having fun and kinda in the lead, my comp is not really a leader but we are working well together and i love being a zone leader! as for christmas i think ill jsut go with a surprise i dunno what i really want. a KAR-98 K german rifle 1945 or earlier how about that :) i like that idea haha :) just keep it at home and dont send it out haha. i love you all so much and thanks for the package, i aint got it yet but im sure it will be awesome! : love ya! and whats going on with everyone, i aint heard from anyone in the fam in a long time? not just jason but anyone thats why i asked my question that is still unanswered from my last email :) love you!

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