Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Zack moves to Lodi and is a ZL!!

well congrats to jason! thats awesome that he is now hitched. glad things are working out! hopefully things will keep going well :) thanks for the things you haev sent me in the past i appriciate it! glad you liked the cowboy vids :) and you got me he is brother hererra he is a less active family that we fellowshipped back into church and now him and his family are SEALED! its awesome! i love that guy he has ADHD and it shows with his job he keeps changing every 5 years its a new career but its working out for him! he is such a great guy! he took us doorbell ditching which was fun :) anyway i aint heard from kev in a while whats he doing where is he moving is he dating? i dont hear from anyone really anymore haha. so whats up? is everything going ok because usually when i dont hear from people i get this feeling that something is a miss and not going right. hey have you seen the new movie ephraims rescue? its good you should buy it! it was a huge impact on me and my mission. anyway this week we were blessed to see 2 baptisms :) im also being transferred :( im going to be a zone leader in the Lodi area. still in the country which is good but sad to leave :( we ended on a good note. we built a stair case i learned how to use a bobcat and lifted the stairs on a members truck and we drove it down to the area where i poured and mixed concrete and built a foundation for a mobile home :) all is well though! i have been excited the whole time i was in wilton and im sure thats where we will spend the most time when you pick me up! i love the area! i dunno about moving it to the 14th because that's not a transfer for us the next one is in October. but i will see what i can do if he can move his down a lil bit that would be good and then i could move it a couple days up and we could get closer. ill figure out more in a bit. love you all so much and i dig the shard of narcile pic :) so the name of the converts are brandy and Sylvia Giordano! i don't know exactly when they are coming ill keep you posted :) ill give them your number :) anyway they are so cool! i love ya! and i hope that all is well! alex is a stud i always new he would be! :)well bye!!

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