Tuesday, November 5, 2013

"White Christmas" going strong in Oregon!

I have had an insane week. To be honest though to think about all of the things you all had to do this week I bet you have had a crazier one. I will have a letter to Jason this week. Tell him how much I love him and congrats for them both. Where is the Honeymoon? Was Ammon Jason's best man? where they headed for the HM??? I hope ya'll got a lot of video for me to watch... Both yours padre and Jasons weddings better be fully taped. I've been on a week long exchange with an Elder who has been struggling with his companion for about 9 weeks. It was rough at first. He just wasn't a happy guy about anything. Luckily throughout the week things started to get a bit better. I had several long talks with him about a lot of things and I think he's going to be on the right path again. It was definitely a life drainer for a bit. I'm glad to be back with Moon again. This coming week is going to be crazy also. Its just not slowing down here at all, but its a good thing. White Christmas is in full tilt in the mission now. Life is good and this is going by way to quickly. I miss ya'll and hope all is well at home. Sorry for the shorty but its all I got time for right now. Love ya and have a great week! Elder Larsen Sr.

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