Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Jeremy and 3 awesome experiences

So I only have a short time to email today unfortunately.. I was up at MLC Sunday Monday so I wasn't able to email yesterday. It was a crazy crazy time. I'll talk to my Pres about getting released the 28th, just not right now. I've got a lot to work on and I really don't even want to mess with talking about that stuff haha I have had 3 life changing moments this last week. I've heard and felt God's hand much more then ever before. Starting Tuesday I got a call that one of the Elders was in the Hospital about half an hour away. So We went out there and got there at 1030pm (really late) We found the Elders talked with them for a bit. Then a few people started to talk to us and it got spiritual pretty fast. A family went to the ER in the middle of the conversation and we asked them if we could come back and pray with them and they said of course. So they took their room and we continued to talk with one of the ladies. She was trying to find God, and the only church that had ever reached out to her was the local branch. So we said a prayer with her, taught her about our church a bit and set up an appointment to meet up. We went to the back and talked with that other family. Exact same thing happened. The spirit was so involved, you could feel God there. I wish I could explain it better but it was awesome. I had gone through some of the same stuff as the family was going through. They recently had a son go to jail and such and we were able to provide quite a bit of hope fro the family. It was really cool to be a part of Gods miracle. Later that week we were driving into Turner and I got an impression to go and see a family who just lost their Daughter to cancer. I fought it a bit then thought "doubt your doubts" so we decided to go. We headed over and right as we got there Kim's sister (Kim is the gal who died) and Kim's daughter Morgan walked out of the house. We told them that we were their on impression of the spirit and prayed with them. Morgan is trying to go out on a mission and we ended up talking about it. She asked me about going out on a mission and how I was able to do it right after my mom passed away. She wanted to know how to deal with it emotionally, physically, and spiritually and I was probably one of the few people around who knew how to empathize with the situation and God sent me to her. It has just been evidence to me of just how involved God is in each of our lives. He really cares about the little details of our lives. It was amazing to be a tool in his hands. The last story comes from yesterday. Elder Monteirth, a Spanish ZL, (I love that kid, he's such a boss) were in a situation that was funky. We left to do a few things then we were heading back to the mission home to pick up the other Elders. On our way back we saw the Presidents car go past but we continued on to the home anyway. We got there and everyone had gone. So Monty and I prayed about what to do and we felt like we needed to go back to the office (even though the logical thing was to stay cause we didn't have a phone to figure out what was going on). We headed over and on the way saw the presidents car again so we got cold feet and turned around. We received an impression to go to the office again but didn't follow it. We got there and the president had dropped them off...... It was humbling haha I learned a valuable lesson for sure.. I love ya'll though, I hope you had a great week and I really appreciate the pictures!! Tell errybody I love them! Also for Christmas, I would really like some Kevin Durant 5's (shoes) if you could get me some of those in size 12 that would be so awesome! if I could get them in black or gray with the thunder blue or orange colors that would be awesome. I love ya padre Elder Larsen Sr.

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