Monday, December 16, 2013

Jeremys BUSY with teaching!!

So you're still rockin the heavy metal haha I've done some good in the world today! August Burns Red is going to be one of the few heavy metal songs that I can listen to when I return. I still haven't figured out what we are going to do for Christmas Skype, life has been pretty hectic so we haven't figured something out. Sunday was probably one of the coolest days of the mission so far. This last week actually has been one of the best. Moony and I were called up to Newberg for a meeting with the head of proselyting in the church, Bro. Heater and then President Packers grandson Bro. Packer. They had Moony and I then the Sister Trainer Leader from our zone and her companion. It was intense... The next day we had another meeting with them with 40 other missionaries in the mission. Definitely cool to be apart of that stuff. Then we have been meeting with this Gal, Rose-Cole, she is from Lebanon but lived in England and Jerusalem most of her life. She said she was going to decided if she needs to be baptized after she sees a baptism next week. She believes that the BofM is true and that Joseph Smith was a prophet but she has a hard time understanding the uniqueness of the church. She is 83 but is all there and is one of the nicest, learned, and upbeat old ladies I've ever met. She has stories for days! She has a bomb that should have killed her and her family as a plant table in her house..... just crazy haha So then We've been working with another family, Janelle and her 2 kids Manny and Johaana. Sweetest lady in the world. She really is looking for truth and is on her way to baptism. We had a baptism also on Saturday for Doss Mckinney, I'll get pictures asap. Then that Sunday Rose, Janelle and a friend, the Frasers (greatest family ever), and two of the Iversons all came to church along with James and Lyndsay Marck. We had a ton of people there. The speaker spoke about how it feels to investigate the church and basically had the talk directed solely on them. It was insane to see how God made it possible for all of them to be there that day and then have a talk like that. We had a talk with the Fraser's that night and Amy got a whole lot closer to baptism and her family will definitely follow. Rose is close and the Iversons are on date, Janelle is right on her way. So please keep these people in your prayers all day. They need the guidance and help! Also if you could return all the gifts that you got me asap.. I really hope you haven't sent it out, totally my bad on doing a double take. If you could send me a package for the Iverson's kids and Janelle's kids and Fraser's kids that would be awesome. Iverson's have an 11 boy, 9 boy, 5 daughter, and 3 boy- Janelle has a 9 boy, and a 1 girl- Fraser's have a 10 girl, 8 boy, and 4 girl. Just presents for them would be much better then anything for me. I'm sorry if you've already done a ton of work and gotten the stuff and ordered stuff. If its not possible just let me know. I love ya'll and hope all is well. I love all of you so much and hope all is well. Tell Katie she is insane! I'm so proud of her and all that she is accomplishing. I wish I could be there to see the change happening but I feel like she has changed just as much as I have. Same with the cat if its actually nice now hahaha We'll definitely have to do a temple run when we meet up! (not the game) Also we're getting FB soon so I'll let ya know when I can add ya hahahahaha Crazy world we live in.... Well I love ya so much again and hope you have a great weekend and enjoy watching the Hobbit probably 4 times (thats my guess on how many times you get it in. Elder Larsen Sr.

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