Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Miracle baptism in Lodi!

well this was another week of miracles! we had our temple conference which was really quite amazing! we were able to learn so much. i actually paid attention to what was going on and learned a ton and the vid has got an actor who played deacon in the movie saints and soldiers. (hope i can say that.) anyway i learned a lot from the conference. our zone is still laeding the mission and we are going to break our high water mark (which is most baptized ina month) we are very excited. transfers happened and im staying with my comp. i will be skyping home around 4 to 430 liberal time i mean california time ;) you thought i would warm up to the place :) with the investigator in the hospital that we were told was going to pass away, p-lewis told us to keep a clsoe eye on her in case there is an opening where she can be baptized because if there is then we should not deny her the blessings of it. well we did so and yesterday she came out of the coma is conceious and is going to be baptized today. it is a miracle its so crazy. my comp and i went into the home and did the interview and its was really a good experience. they live in horrible circumstances with no power and on oxygen tank running on low battery power. we are trying to get things worked out but its really a miracle she si alive. she is walking and talking. so we were blessed with that miracle. we got ahold of dawn who is the referral you gave to me. she is so very very nice and accepted a book of mormon and a restoration pamphlet, she has many good questions and has accepted us back. she is an animal cop. thank you! by the way ever since my ER trip in north sac. my BP has been pretty high and so now my last visit with the doc he has put me on atenolol for my BP and its feels funky. i said there is no way i can be on that im ONLY 20!!! he said we have a patient thats 16 on BP meds and so its not unheard of but im uneasy about. we have a baptism set up for jan and one more for this month we are very excited! hopefully your referral will have a baptism date by the end of this week. i do miss kimi! no cat is really the same, how is chinchi doing? as far as my ghetto stories go we have part of stockton in our area and we go there a bit and while down there, there was a armed robbery inprogress with a hostage and they shut down a bunch of streets and had FBI and SWAT on scene and it was pretty cool, one officer said "another day in stockton" haha! thats a sad statement haha! i agree the service is a great idea iw ish all the missionaries did it and i wish that all the missionaries who do service use it as an effective missionary tool for reactivation and other purposes. i need to know the name of bro snuffers books adnw hat they are about by the way :) well all is well here. im happy and semi healthy! i love the work and im sad time is passing by so quickly! hope all works out well when we skype so jeremy and i can see eachother, i was just going to call him but my comp is pretty pharasy on rules haha! we balance eachother out nice from overbaring obedience and being normal obedient haha! i hope all is well with the fam and the pets and the friends! well love you muchly!

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