Monday, December 9, 2013

Snow in Oregon brings an investigator!

This week has been a crazy one! Weather here has been nuts. We actually got snow! However, snow in Oregon is very dangerous... they don't have anyone that goes and lays salt, or shovels the roads. Also, the snow just turns to ice as soon as it hits the ground, then you get snow on top of it. Soooo after a trip to Keizer (about 45min north of Salem) we were driving back and the roads and people on the roads were crazy. So we decided to go and park it for and go find a hill to help people push their cars up and help anyone else in trouble. Funnest 3 hours, I'm tellin ya, it was so crazy. People here have a real tough time with snow and ice.... We were wearing thin suit pants and a light jacket and I think God just kept us warm cause it was 15 degrees outside and we were toasty. Cool thing came of it though. We met this guy named Ryan Green. He helped us push a car up then invited us to his house to relax for a bit. We stayed out another hour then walked over. He let us in, introduced us to his wife Pearl, and hit it off. He gave us pie, offered us Beer/Wine (we then taught him about modern prophets and the WOW), then gave us sprite, and we talked for probably an hour. He said we could come back whenever, we said a prayer with him and we were off. He thought we were some of the coolest people for doin that though, it was great to see that God had us in the right spot. Also I have a job working for his construction company if I move back here. In about 5 years he'll be the Manager of the entire company. Right now he's an area manager but his boss is retiring and giving him the spot. Just a cool guy and family. Also this week it was announced that we will be using Facebook..... I'm pumped but scared at the same time.... I know its potential either way so its great. All the ZL's are going to have to monitor it also so its more parenting but it'll be worth it if we can use it correctly. I look forward to new pictures! Also will you treat me to a fancy french restaurant when we meet again???? I'm trying to get the Packages out this coming week so hopefully you'll get them on time. I want you all to know how much I love all of you. I look forward to seein ya soon and I'll let you know when I know whats going on with Skype and such. Love ya! Elder Larsen Sr

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