Monday, December 2, 2013

An investigator knocks on Zacks Door!

well i do love the pics! is jake only a Sr. in highschool? i thought he was older. anyway the Zl job is very busy and lots to deal with. we did a lodi zone tour driving all the way to san andreas to meet with elders about turning in info so we can be prepared when we meet with the stake president, mission president, and high councilman over missionary work every week! its crazy! i dont like authority they scare me so i have to be on my best always. we dont get all the info all the time so we had to talk to all 24 missionaries about it so we dont look dumb in those meetings haha. our zone is doing amazing! our zone has 23 investigators who agreed to be baptized and 3 of them are ones we are teaching! the spanish branch in our zone baptized a family of 5 unexpectedly they just showed up and said i want to be baptized its amazing how that works! my comp and i were doing our weekly planning which i hate because im planning for 3 HOURS!!!!! i cant concentrate that long on one thing you know that haha! usually i wonder off with my WWII hat on and eat cookies or something haha. we got a knock on the door and i answered fearing it was jahova whitness but it was just a girl who needed help moving in and was referred to us. the san andreas elders packed her up once we contacted them and when they came down to our complex we unpacked them and she spoke of being in a very bad situation and not having any friends to help because of her bad situation. she was so grateful for our help we moved a ton of stuff haha! we bore testimony of how the gospel can help her in this situation and how god is aware and cares for her. she started crying and was grateful and so we sent the sister missionaries over, since they cover our apt complex (weird) and she let them in and is taking the missionary discussions. its so amazing how the lord prepares people i never thought we could get an investigator knocking on OUR door, usually its the other way around haha! we got 4 investigators to church this Sunday and one of them was bawling in testimony meeting and loved it, he is getting baptized dec 21! he is awesome and doesnt know anything about bible or book of mormon or anything so we are having to teach a lot haha! he is a really good guy, a lil racist but who aint. he really desires to be a good person and i think thats so great i can really see the spirit working in him and making changes and i love seeing that! honestly i love seeing that more than baptisms! just seeing someone make a change of the better is so satisfying and increases my testimony in how the gospel truly blesses families and individuals. i may not have a testimony in everything but i do have it in that for certain! i love the work! THANKS FOR THE REFERRAL! we will go see her and help her out! we cover that street, infact thats close to the ghetto haha! i like going down to tokay st. i dunno when im skyping home but when it gets closer i shall inform you! when are you moving? what is the address? and love you all!!! oh sorry again for spending money on the home card :( im running low on glucosamine 1000 mg and calcium magnesium 1500 mg i belive it may be the other way around oh well i dunno i just need it haha! i am hoping the best for my jaw but its really hurting me bad and locking up somethin fierce and so thats no bueno! :( tell kevin (and ill spell it wrong) tiena un gato incendido in dus pantelones defuago. LOVE YOU! mission is great!

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