Thursday, December 26, 2013

Zack at Christmas

welli dont know Bp meds and all that they do other than they lower heart rate and BP haha! i just got mad at him because i said im 20!!!!!! i dont need BP he said there is a kid that is 16 on BP meds, if its in your medical history tehn you need to be cautious! it was a interesting argument but eventually i gave in becasue i dont know what im doing. now that you mention it my pulse has been in the mid 50's for about a week which is pretty low i think, they said its fine though. yea that miracle was awesome! i was so excited! well im SO VERY GRATEFUL FOR THE GIFTS I LOVE THEM!!!!!! i love that tie especially! please tell all the members in the ward thank youf or thier gifts and cards i really appriciate it and thank gma and gpa on both sides! i love them and miss them. make sure those thank you's get out! i dont have enough stamps to individually write them. thank you so much family for the gifts and tahnk the bay family and everyone else! i really loved christmas and ithelped my comp to since he didnt get much so i was able to share with him and make thigns good for him! he is a great guy! i love you all! im glad you have had great christmas gatherings to start with! im glad that lal is well! where does kevin live? why is he taking my chinchi? glad the cat is nice because i would have been spending lots of time tryig to make it nice when i got home haha! alex and liam are studs that pic they sent of them are awesome and theya re going to be women magnets as alex already is, he has already been proposed to huh? he is a smart kid, avengers are way cooler than marriage haha! the gifts are amazing and i really wanted those snack foods! thanks for the CD as well i was getting sick of our selection of 3 cd's hahas! im glad to add a 4th one! :) well i love you all muchly! i will send a christmas card to fam! Dawn is great! she is very nice, she was also out of town this week so we will be making contact with her later this week or begining of next week! we need the referral because we are out of people to teach and thats sad. so thank you again for the referral :) she is nice and has lots of potential i think she is asking lots of questions and accepted a BOM of Resto Pamphlet. if there is anyone else you know in lodi we would love to visit them because i like teaching and meeting new people and we are out of people to meet, just hoping for another miracle! there are a lot in lodi! im also trying to see some of the cool things in Cali like the mercer caverns and the moanig caverns and sadly big trees state park is closed for the winter, i guess a couple inchews of snow is rights for closing a state park down.... sissys. they are BIG TREES if anything its cooler int eh snow or what california calls snow, so we just hung out with the san andreas elders for a while, its an hour and a half one way freeway drive to get up there so those elders dont get lots of visits so we decided to grace them with out presence haha! well love you all so much and im glad you are all happy! im happy as well! keep up the great work and keep being amazing! not tons toreport on from last pday i guess! we had our transfers im staying another 6 weeks asi though, i will prolly die here because i spent 8 months in my last area and when i cam to lodi thats all i had left so im just assuming that im staying haha! uuhh... we had some emergency meeting for all leadership and we had to train on some stuff in front of all the leaders of the mission which was semi scary but lots of fun i cracked jokes in a demonstration with president and that was im sure pretty fun! we were pretty busy helping the zone out today so not tons of proselyting got done. we had a great convo with a member thats coming back and he said the reason i left and i want you over is because i know the church is true. he said knowing the churchwas true put a lot of stress on him knowing his salvation but thats because he doesnt understand the atonement and now he knows that we were not set up to fail but to succeed. so we are teaching repentance and atonement to him because he is scared to make a mistake but we all make mistakes so he assumes we are all doomed, which is no the case :) we ended our work before xmas eve by coming together as a zone and carolling which was really fun! we were able to knock on doors and not have them slamme din our face or bad thigns yelled at us, they were happy to have us sing, which i think is because they didnt hear me singing above everyone else ;) lots of fun though! my comp and i are very different and somtimes talk things out about how we should run things, im showing him we dont need to be rule nazi or nobody will like us, we need to help them trust us and love us so that they will follow the rules because they want to make things easy on us and they like us, so its fun trying to do that. either way we enjoy our time reguardless its silly to let slight differences get in the way of getting along which some companionships are doing so we been working with that as well! well all is well here and i love you! sorry for all the spelling errors i was trying to see how fast i could type this page and i think i did well! love ya! see you in a couple hourse BYE!!

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