Monday, December 9, 2013

Zack has some amazing experiences!!

well sounds like great snow im missing out on. we got snow here for the first time in 12 years! im going to big trees later today where there will be more snow! ill take pics for proof :) sounds like a lot of parties going on in the larsen home. i remember when i got stuck with the accent in a bad storm at megans house that was funny! i remember her parents saying i could stay the night if i needed and i said i dont think my father would approve haha! maybe thats why they like me because i didnt jump on that option like most teen boys my age would haha! you think dean would send me pepper spray? i got my 21st birthday next handgun? thats crazy the seahawks are top!!!! how are the 49ers? well we had a baptism yesterday! we are hoping for another one to go down this saturday! we have 2 lined up! our zone baptized 3 of the 6 that happened in the whole mission. we still have another 16 with baptism dates so thats exciting! we found a new inv who we knocked on her door in the cold and she answered and all i really said is we are missionaries and we share a message about christ and how he loves you and cares about you. this message will bless your life and we share because we care about you. (i dont really start contacts that way) she said "YOU care about me?" nobody has said that in a while thats not common. and she invited us back on tuesday. i contacted that referral the sabys had and we are invited back as well this week so we will see what happens!! sadly the person we contacted at the hospital with that amazing experience passed away before her baptism, her kids still wanna be but we dont know who the guardian is yet. im trying to get permission to do her temple work if they adults dont join the church. that was a great experience and i feel that if her relatives dont do the work its still my job to make sure she has that opportunity she wanted for baptism. she was going to be baptized in 2 weeks. so ashley is concerned about a place in utah? what place in utah is sketchy unless its in SLC? or south provo? anyway i think a sad instance is when i discovered i no longer had those thanksgiving cookies because i ate them all :( they were most delicious! since when did we have a jetta? i will make you aware of when im skyping home as soon as i does :) next pday is on tuesday i believe just so you know. treck huh? before i get home? to bad :( treck was always pretty fun i played cards and got the whole tent to bet haha :) well i miss good snow, i always make fun of those who talk about snow here. californians got 4 inches and said THATS A TON OF SNOW! i just laughed and said yea you should call it a snow day in your schools weather is to bad haha! when is katies play? im learning a lot about leading, how important enthusiasm and optimism is. my comp is lacking in that right now and kinda blows up on people but he is working on it and trying to get better. in the mean time im trying to make sure everyone is happy and that they know we love them and want their success just as much if not more than our own success. we did a great training on teaching effectively and hopefully we will see good things come from it! they like us enough im just trying to keep everything steady with the missionaries. i does love the work though! its a busy time this month and we need to take full advantage of the blessing the lord is wanting to bless us with! well love ya very much!! have a great week! keep the spiritual high going! and tell mrs beck she was a good teacher and she wasn't paid enough to deal with me haha!

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