Monday, December 3, 2012

Tornados, earthquakes AND Floods?? Sounds like Cali :)

sad to report the passing of a dear friend tiffany howel (yes brian howels sister) so please pray for thier family and for their needs

On Mon, Dec 3, 2012 at 2:20 PM, Zachary Larsen <> wrote:
DAD- I dunno what it is with all the animals but its great!  yes trunk or treat is the safe way for kids here that or they get jumped haha! i love kayla she is so cute! i love the house too! she would love it i know that she would be happy with the proceeds and i love the house is amazing! yea i can imagine a lot of shopping for you! when is the wedding? ill let ya know when im skyping home as soon as i know :) thanks for that compliment on the lesson i have actually added to it :) but im glad you like it and that its of use haha. you should admit being banana king for that wedding ;) just sayin. did anyone call you from my ward this week? did they call you banana king? salt lake city burger is amazing aint it? just a lil expensive. i was on exchanges in the YSA ward and its not fair for missionaries! they are cute girls and i dont ever want to have dinner with them again because i have to not focus on that, its the only place i seen with pretty girls. megan is still prettier :) along with every girl i hung out with at home. utah girls RULE! well i have endured it all out here, tornado earthquakes and now flooding! i got some good pics of that too but we had 4 straight days of rain and floods so that was cool. Pday next week is on tuesday so dont expect a mail on monday So remember that!  anyway i love ya so much guys!!!! Im glad about Liam being better now that was worrying so much. im glad the dogs are doin better :) LOVE YOU!!

Kevin- thanks for the letter i love ya and i love your letters. I will keep close to mike he is my best friend i care about the guy! he is a influence on me as are a few other peeps. That pun is awesome and i love it and i love the idea for the activity and less actives, i see you paid attention to my lesson :)  Well sad day that its leaving the house i loved that thing because the drawers didnt open :) anyway i aint got a lot of time im busy today sadly but i love you keep me postedo n life and such love you!!!!!

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