Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Jeremy & Caroling

Well  I've had a crazy crazy week, full of miracles, then me ignoring how awesome the miracles were by wasting the last 30min of the day then getting chastened by the Lord because I was as the Nephites and Isreal, backsliding and easily forgetting. It was worse then when they saw the star of Christs birth then went on ignoring it 3yrs later haha. I will expound on these events. SO... I was on exchanges with the ZL, and we had 10min until we had to be in at 9. So we prayed that the lord would provide us someone to teach in the last minutes. We went down the street and started singing Oh Come All Ye Faithful, and then a guy rounded the corner and said that he had been praying since he was 4 to hear Christmas Carols in that part of town. We then taught him and gave him a BoM. Next night we had similer experince right before we went in and I'll expound on that tomorrow at about  9  or 10 your time. So then sunday we went in about 30min early because all the people had family over and we just were like to heck with it, we'll just go home and have a P-Day eve and listen to some Blind Pilots. So we did. Then the AP's came over with a present from the President... I know right, they come in and we're all chilled out because of super chill music and they come over and we're all in our pajamas and stuff.. Super lame on our part haha So we decided that we had been blessed all week because we hadn't wasted the last hour of the day and then we wasted it so we had to be reminded that this was the lords time and Blind Pilots could wait until 9. I'm just glad that the lord chose to remind us that we had work to do, because he doesn't do that for everyone. We have a lot of work to do here and we are just starting. We got 6 new investigators next week, 2 of them are families! SO PUMPED! I'm super pumped for you and soon to be Step Mom Darleen that's gonna be so awesome!! I still don't have any photos of you running on the beach slowly baywatch style bro! what the heck mayne! haha I got beat up playing Raquetball today, but I am gettin better. Katie is an allstar for tell her I love her! Tell Isacc I say whats up also, and to relax a bit haha I bet the ward is rockin it right now with those guys at the helm. Tell eveyone that needs to be told that I love them and I'm so pumped for this wedding for you. Tell Caleb congrats and if you can get ahold of Brian tell him I say hey and that I'm deeply sorry for his lose. Hook up his e-mail, I never have time to write letters.
Also my bike seat and such got stolen today... I know, It'll go to someones christmas fund hopefully and they'll get something nice for there kid. Sorry though, I'm gonna need a bit of mulah to replace it cause it's kind of expensive.. Sorry padre i"ll not let it happen again.. I love you all so much and I hope that the Holidays rock for ya, Talk to you all tomorrow!
Love, Elder Larsen Sr.

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