Monday, December 10, 2012

Jeremy moves to Springfield!

Yesterday was tough! Leaving Roseburg has been one of the toughest things that I've had to deal with for sure. I was able to send moms letter in a box with your card for the family. It should have gotten there Saturday but apparently it didn't.. Totally a bummer. That unknown no name letter is for Toucher, just don't know how to spell his name...... But I'm going to be sending home a picture of the Christus statue. It's really nice, Sis. Sperry is an artist and she hooked it up. She sells them for 400$ each usually but she just hooked it up haha I loved that family.. I became family with so many people out here it was just so crazy to leave. Sis. Hoppe became my Grandma pretty quickly. I'll let you know what my new address is asap. I still haven't met my new companion yet, his name is Elder Shipley. I'll get a hold of Brian asap, thank you for hookin up his address. I can't wait to get into contact with him. Thank you for hookin up the Christmas cash! My new comp just came in so I gotta run. I love ya I'll write you asap! Sorry Kev if I don't get back to you this week I still love you. Also, this is AMERICA! don't you EVER send me mail that speaks that dirty piglatin!! LOVE ALL OF YOU!!! I'll send pictures and such. love ya

So I've gotten to my spot in Springfield now. I'll be able to fill you in on all of the details of christmas. I hope that you get that box soon. The backpack is for alex, baby stuff for kayla and the hoodie is for Liam. my new address is
Elder Jeremy Larsen
340 12th st apt #3
Springfield Or 97499
I'm in another Ghetto! not as bad as Stockton though haha. Its right next to Eugene. I think SIs. Young sent you a picture of me and Rodrigo w/ Tammy, that was my last sunday in Roseburg. I'm gonna miss the heck outta that place. The new elder I'm with seems awesome, the spot we are in is in a transitional phase. we're both new to the area so it'll be a blast haha I'm excited for this new adventure up here. The Cornielsons are going to hook me up while I'm up here. They are a family from Roseburg. They have a brother who works at Nike so they said they'll hook up some kicks hahaha I hope that all is well and tell Aunt Jenny I love her and thanks for the present. I hope all is well! Happy Holidays :)
P.S. That story was completely inappropriate father... I can't believe you... I thought so much higher of you until now so I ask you to please repent............ HAHAHAHAHAHA Could you imagine if I was like that... I love you thanks for the pick me up?
Kevano el zorro el senorita da bamba
Tell Eric I love the sin outta him and that I'm happy to hear he wasn't killed in Chico haha Kev I got to write pres and I'm on a 20min computer because I don't have a library pass yet so I'll write you back...... On the other hand a pop up just came up and said that I added 10 minutes!! SCORE!! I swear the tender mercies of the lord are everywhere haha, even though it was just a 10min extension it means quite a bit right now haha So leaving Roseburg sucksss.. We will go on a road trip through there someday and it'll be glorious my friend. SO this holiday season I expect you to go to old folks homes and carol. I did that at a friend of mines grandpa's place and they appreciated it so much, so go and do as they brother missionary commands. Straight out of 1Nep. 3:7.. Go and do bro! I love you kev and I've told everyone out here that you like girls so you're in trouble braflaski. haha The church is true!
Love Elder Larsen Sr.

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