Monday, December 17, 2012

Zack Gets a firefighter companion!!

DAD- wow so the weddings are stacking up eh? well glad the hobbit is good that makes me happy, i have heard all about it really. As for my bike its been kinda fixed but i was on foot for 4 days, we been walking about 30 miles a day really. thats funky that work has slowed down usually your pretty busy by this time. im glad kayla is good! i love her she is a cutie!i hope to see her when i skype home and the time that im skyping will be around 9 AM california time. I do love you all and am kind of sad that im missing all these weddings haha! im glad to see mark kunz has made such a big change in his life i know that it will be good for him and he will love it! i love it out here and the work is kinda slow now we are hoping for 2 baptisms this month though which will be cool. Really we just do a lot of service and deflooding houses. It rains almost 24/7 here and that sucks because i need the sunshine! However i still love it here! and i love my new comp! he is from west jordan utah and his name is elder shitoani! he speaks a lil japanese and he is also a firefighter, he went through the same fire science program i did a year before me! we is super cool! also the packages i wont get till christmas since the office witholds them from us. I will be sending some presents and they may get there after christmas but its all good! im working on another talk just for kicks and giggles. Ashley got married quick just saying ahah, what happened to the guy who came off his mission? Did you hear about that massacre in connecticut? we hear all about it like "how could you forgive someone like that" its kind of annoying but it doesnt make that thing any better i feel what people need to do is focuse on the comfort of the families who lost people anyway that whole thing is bad just sayin. Sorry dad but since i been here i picked up freestyle rapping its what happens when people go to california. Well i love you all so much and i know your all amazing good luck with everything! i love you all!

Kate- well glad to hear you have had some good adventures with animals! how is my chinchi? how are the dogs? I love them and i love you! Im glad school is well for you and that coleman wrote me! Now just for nesbit! ill send a letter to you for him how is that? I do not know about your letter yet, all mail is withheld till chirstmas haha! sucks... Anyway keep up the good work and enjoying school! glad josh is still around he is an awesome guy! make sure that kevin gets me sam hunters E-mail ok? thank you! also i dont hate nic lee he is all good and fine :) well love ya bye!!!

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