Monday, December 17, 2012

Jeremy gets a compy from Sandy!!

Padre, If you talk about the Hobbit again I might explode haha Use code such as this: The Investigator that we went and saw the other day was great, there were many short people there, but it was a long visit. It was much funnier then the first 3, which were more serious, but extremely amazing sit downs. I would have gotten the just of what you were talking about and wouldn't want to got running to a movie theater and break one of the white bibles rules haha Everyone has been talking about that and they've been talkin about the Sandy Hook thing... I can't believe this world man, it's just crazy. I can't believe all of you people and you're mawwagies hahaha All of you fools caught the love bug hahahaha! The new area I'm in is awesome! It's the Ghetto of Eugen pretty much haha We see a ton of crazy stuff and hear a whole lot of crazier stuff haha The ward is somethin else also haha I love it! Its definitely a place I want to kick it for awhile. Those sweater pics if you could you should send it to my email, I want em haha We were at the Bishops place last night pretty late and they were doing christmas so we were rockin it. They were doing ugly sweater contest so we got to take pics with them haha I still like my vest, its a real winner haha I'll send you some digital copies of it for the blog! I got it at a resale place, it got a very intersting smell to it hahaha Look up a talk btw It's by Brian Wilcox- His Grace is sufficent. It's a really good one that has helped me a lot. I'll let you know what they are, I'm pumped to find out. We've had a great experience over this last week! Elder Ship man, Shipley (He's a great great guy) was praying for one of our investigators, and its one of those things that I really don't want to get much into, one of those experiences, but we were going to sacrafice a lot for this guy. The spirit really let him know that this was the right thing to do, and the lord made promises. We prayed that he would keep up his end and he did and more. Tim, the investigator was getting evicted, then the bishop got involved, one of the things we prayed for, then he got a job, another thing we prayed for, and he then accepted the invitation to be baptised. We didn't have to really hold up our end, but we did our part and were going to, the lord saw that we were going to and he did all of it instead. It was crazy.. The lord came through in spades, he answered Shipleys prayer. It was the craziest thing I've seen on my mish so far. I will tell you more about it one day, but over email is not good enough. This area is going to rock, I'm going to love every second of being here. So many good people.. So many strange people haha It's a lot more relaxed of an area also, not as high stress, I feel like I'm going to get a ton done here if we work hard! which I will. Go and read Mosiah 7:22, I had a great thought on it for what we pay to satan when we choose to sin. I dunno, I thought it was cool haha. I love all of you so much! Kate you're the, Kevin, Jason, Darleen, Ashley, and dogs I love all of you and I hope that you're having a great holiday season! I am for sure!

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