Monday, December 31, 2012

Short note from Jeremy

Padre, It was great to see all of you as well, I'm glad that you're all doing so well! I'll keep waiting for something as awesome as those photos, I better get them soon though.... It was great to see Zack as well, I do miss ya but I really love it out here. I want to thank all of you for the presents, you guys rock! Thanks so much for all of the help that you are to me! We had to throw away the video of the elastic weights thing, Brook Hauge in yoga clothes.... Temptations sent into the house by my own father hahahahaha Well sadly I don't have to much time to type today.. Tell Steph congrats for me and tell her that she's a boss for pulling that off, she's gonna have to help me w/ homework haha Tell Dave I say whats of from OEM territory and let Alex know I say happy B-Day. What are you doing in Florida!? You're becoming a world traveler! Tell Kevin thanks for the CD and that Evanston is to dangerous for such a young and innocent person hahaha Love all of you and I wish you a happy New Year! PARTY HARD!!!!  but not to hard.. You crazy crazy Banana King, I know what pps like you do on New Years! LOVE Ya'll
Elder Larsen Sr.

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