Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Zacks Busted bike and new compy

DAD-HAHAh i love that joke thats freaking awesome and applys to half the people i talk to haha! Also as far as me knowing when im going to skype ill prolly let ya know a week before when i know haha! Transfers came in and im staying again but new comp sadly. I was really connecting with my old comp ya know? So i hope this guy is good if not ill figure somethin out :) i LOVE KAYLA!! and i miss liam and alex a lot. I am glad he is ok. I am happy to hear about the graveside memorial for mom she deserves the best we can do and i agree with your theory on guardian angels who needs exact doctrine anyway haha! My comp is leaving to south sac to be comps with his other tongan friend who is 315 pounds and 6 feet 7 inches needles to say nobody will pick on them haha! im sending a pix home for ya i think you will like it :) Tell erick he never replied to my letter :) tell him i love him and that i expect him to visit me out here since i visited him haha! unless im in stockten then he dont have to come visit till i leave that area i dont wish anyone down there haha! well this last week i have had 2 bike wrecks not due to me but due to bike malfunction and i said i wont ride it anymore until someone fixes it or i get it replaced we will see how that works haha! im tired of getting hurt and my last crash sent me into the middle of a busy street sadly nobody hit my bike haha!  those sound like way fun trips try not to rub it in to much that i aint got no mountains. im sending you a video to of a free style rap me and fifi did :) i think you will like it! so send my sim card ASAP :) Thats what happens when you send your kid to california he starts rapping haha! Also compare Lord of the Rings to the gospel ok? gandolf was resurrected just think about it. there is a lot in there :) well i love you all so very much and im happy to serve this mission even if i have trials such as a friend passing away i learned in 1 peter i need to be grateful for trials so thats awesome! I love you very much :) how is chinchi?

Megan- i know whatever you said at tiffs funeral is what needed to be said. I am no better at talking at those things than you are. I have been to so many funerals so it probably seems like i have more practice ya know?  just know that i love ya a lot! im sorry you had to go through that and im glad to hear she is burried near where my mom is so im  for sure going to go see her grave when i go home. Your right this time of year was kind of heard for me with my mom and tiffany and such but i know that im here for a reason and you know how much i hate to loose so its not like im comin home early unless i absolutely have to! as for your new diet im surprised but at the same time not so much with all your roomates being vegans i figured you might become one as well :) Whatever makes you happy and healthy i support but you know the day i come home we are goin to carls Jr. right? :) i only eat rabbit food when members give it to me haha! i have gained so much weight out here though you wont like me haha!!! i have gained 15 pounds (mostly leg muscle from biking is what im going with since i aint grown on waste size haha) Anyway you know i love ya and im glad that everyone is chillin with you! tell parker to reply to my letter ok? its important i hear from him :)  glad that work is going well for you :) i have a story in my letter telling about my experience with lil kids and teaching :) you might like it! and school is almost over! good luck!!!!!!!!! love ya bye!!!!!

NIVEK- well glad meg is there with ya helping you through some things and im glad she misses me that means i wasnt to bad to her :) true story i miss my ghetto house though the one im staying in with a member is nice. She has a nice piano that i play often and a ukalele. HEY I NEED SAM HUNTERS EMAIL please get it for me. Also glad to hear about moms graveside thing we need to do when when i get home too. i miss her lots but i know she aint far from me making sure i dont get shot out here haha! well im staying put for another transfer man its crazy ill be spending 6 months in my first area i dont mind it though! well love ya man i really does i really does keep me posted on the single life :) also on jasons taken life :)  hope lord of the rings is good its going to be a temptation for me to not watch it at a members house i have a member that is pirating it and offered to turn it on while im there :) we will see if i become the apostate missionary ;) haha no worries im going to skype on a members laptop :) aint no way im going to be quiet bro! im still the same kid before i left jsut so ya know haha maybe just understand the doctrine a bit better :)
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