Monday, December 10, 2012

Elder Tammy praises Jeremy!

Brother Larsen,
                     I have been blessed to be your sons trainer, these twelve weeks that i was with him have been trully the best experience in my mission. My faith and testimony have been strengthened tremendously because of him and the insights and the spirit that he had. Getting to know him and his experience in his life, all i can think of is Alma the Younger with his mom being the angel and it strengthen my testimony on how each of our families were ordained of God. that leads my grattitude to the Spirit of Elijah by turning the heart of the children to their father and the father to their children. What a wonderful and marvelous blessings it is in our families. My prospective as missionary changes wholly as i look at people because of Jeremy's strong and faithful testimony.
Everyday we meet people that are smoking and drinking i use to refrain from them until i was with your son and that gives me hope for all other people that is doing that knowing that a mighty change of heart can come to everyone of the children of our Heavenly Father. With tears i express my grattitude to you and to your son for all the good and hard work that he has done. Our ward members really missed him already and Sister Hoppe and some other sisters in the ward they cried as he left. Thank you so much for the wonderful letter i do really appreciated it. Our mission president really trusted him and his wife as well and he will be a fantastic missionary. 'Ofa lahi atu (Love always)

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