Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Last weeks Jeremy post

Woh there Mr. Top Down McJones!!!! Hahaha I'm glad to hear that you are having a great time in Florida Papa Smurf. I heard that your wedding was an amazing time :) I sent you a few things in the mail, I don't think they'll be there until the 22nd but I dunno. I want you to know how happy I am for you and Darlene. I have a few letters with the package that have more of my thoughts on the whole thing so I'll let you read them and I won't expound any further, they are kinda between you and me, and if you want to divulge anything to momma then I can't stop you, shes your wife, do what you do man! Don't kill yourself in Florida, to much fun is bad for you I hear haha You're the man, I hope this week is epic for you both. Love ya
Elder Larsen Sr.
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In addition to the other stuff I told you about the wedding...ok I am driving in Florida in 80 degree weather in a convertable mustang with the top down...metallic blue....yah baby!

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Katie Sue Bug Susan McSlaughlin, all I've got to say on the whole you going on a mission thing is just do it! Its the greatest thing that I've done with my life and I know that it would be the best thing that you could do with a year and a half of your life. When I think about me being out for 4 1/2 months and it blows my mind, I fell like i've been out for a few weeks at most. The time flys out here, I love it, but at the same time I feel like I've just been rushin through everything haha I don't have time to sit and reflect just about ever so it just goes hahaha You're dancing and singing and etc.??? I must see video to see these things, I'll not have the opportunity to see you do it otherwise. I'm also very happy that you were able to be a witness to the sealing, that's some really cool stuff. I've never even been in the sealing room haha I'm going to give you some advice on making next year to easy as well. When you make your schedule make sure that you have at least one very important class a day, because I just put both of my fingers in the air and blew off my senior year because it was to easy haha Kate I love you so much and I miss you, I'm glad that you are staying busy out in Utar! This week we were able to set another baptismal date with a kid named Daniel, also if you could pray for Tim Brown and Doug, they are preparing for baptism as well, every prayer helps and I need all the help that I can get. I love you and appreciate all that you have done for me and the family. Keep up the home front.
Kevlar the Fantasimoto!
Party like it is your birthday! padre isn't home so you guys need to throw a real rager, talk to katie on what is a real rager of a party, she will be able to describe it to you. I told her what one would be,you just have to go back to the letter from last week if she forgets. I'm sorry to hear that you and Lauren have broken up, even if she was in my grade hahahahaha I'm just jokin, but I'm glad because she knew way to many of my dark secrets about my dark school days and my heavy metal and my punk hair, and my Maryjane usage and etc. So it's good, everything happens for a reason I know that is true. By the way I'm having a tie made that is going to be so sick. I'm getting OEM (oregon eugene mission) embroidered on a tie, then I'm putting Oregons state herb in the middle of the O... hahahaha Don't worry I'll never wear it out proselyting, its just for me to laugh at and then on my last day in the mission I'm wearing it home hahaha I know trunky talk, but we came up with the idea and decided to run with it. I wish I could've seen Jason and Slade in Banana Suits, that would've been the coolest thing to see, but I had some crazy stuff to do that day haha We've had some pretty close calls over that past few days. one was because we were kind stupid the other was just crazy. We were about to go teach an investigator of ours and we were outside doing a quick corralation when my comp, Shipley's, eyes get about 10 sizes bigger then craps his pants and starts to slowly edge to the side of the mobile home. I am thinking wth is going on? He looks at me and says, there is a gun pointing at you.... I was like whaaaaaaaattt....... so I slowly turn around and there is a shotgun pointing through a window and I just slowly (while crapping my pants) move to the side.. it was crazy haha The other someone almost hit us with there car, they clipped Shipley. It's been crazy man haha Well I love you kevlar, You're a studmuffin and I promise to go caroling with you when I return, just don't be married haha I love ya man

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