Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Zack is learning Tahitian???

FATHER KEN- well i dont know the probability of us being comps but we are i like having and ADHD adrenaline junkie as a comp and he is a recent convert. We are planning to roomate in college with jeremy haha! Know that i love all ya'll Also i have dumped learning tongan and am now learning Tahitian. I was excited to see char but you know the story and who i was with so no need to go on about that story. sounds like everyone is super busy doing stuff. What were you doing in florida? tell dave to freaking write me i sent him a couple letters before he left and he didnt write anything back. I also NEED SAM HUNTERS E-MAIL so please someone help me with that. thats awesome dave is back and that everything is going well. Honestly i been talking with mike and im so excited to see that kid again but anyway i respect the crap out of him and i love him. I also am glad to hear about how smart steph is! She is brainy like crazy!! I do approve of darlenes new tradition for new years. Do you know what the tradition over here is? everyone from the ghetto comes out and shoots thier guns in the air, it hurt like 12 people last time haha! got to love cali haha! By the way how did you like the new years call? :) so i am writting a new topic for a family night with ya'll so expect it sometime next month haha! as far as basketball is going im doing a lot better so im happy about that!  NBA is my back up plan and thats not even joking :) :) dont change our traditions to much while im out ok? i love you all so much!!

Megan- first and foremost tell parker i respect his choice about going back to rock creek. and tell him to tell the boss when i get home i plan on working there again as well. tell parker to have the boss lady send me a letter ok? please? i love you  so much!! i think your amazing! im glad you got that letter i hope it meant something to ya'll! i am glad to hear the wedding went well. good luck in school!!! i am hopefully the same im going to try and get strong and look good for ya when i get home! i dont care if you have acne your always beautiful to me i love ya!!!

Dusty,lisa, and such- Sounds like your having a good time! i love ya'll so much!! i think your an amazing family i respect you all so much with the hard work your doing and all your going through! i love you so much and i dunno where alex got that im silent as a church mouse and no wanting to do crazy things.... ;) i lie sometimes haha! im not even a realy missionary im just here to fill a position haha! i joke i love it here and i miss ya so much happy holidays!!!!

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