Monday, January 28, 2013

Zack learns Tongan and works with Shamanism!

oh also we play lots of rugby here haha!!! im excited to get good at it! so thats fun! i will probably get owned my first couple times but i wanted to add that in!!! tell jason and the fam to write me!!! :):) love ya!

On Mon, Jan 28, 2013 at 12:59 PM, Zachary Larsen <> wrote:
oh also we had a money mishap and i ended up having to spend some money at restaurants so sorry maybe you can remburse me :)

On Mon, Jan 28, 2013 at 12:57 PM, Zachary Larsen <> wrote:
the wedding singing went great and i personally think im a better singer in tongan than in english :) yea the ward is tough but its still fun! they are all kind of mad there are two palangi or white boys in the ward and so a lot of the members wont work with us :( we are still going to have baptisms regardless. the bishop is on board with us but the ward mission leader just talks crap on us haha! some of the members are great though and they love us and others are starting to love us because im learning the language, my companion wont learn it though because he is mad at the members. so its a bitter sweet feeling in this ward. we get fed well here and no im just taller not fatter :) im back to the weight that i started at :)  my companion is from Wyoming and is a real cowboy! he stresses really easy though and gets upset quick so im always telling him to calm down and to think things through haha! he is great though! my tongan is coming along well but a english to tongan dictionary would be nice. I can pray in tongan and do greetings and i can translate as little but so as far as translating the meeting i luckily didnt have to because it was a testimony meeting so it was in samoan and tongan and english. but next week we have to translate so im working hard! as for the black music i got no idea if its mission legal its not rap rock or raga :) it was fun is what it was! im not an apostate missionary im pretty obedient compared to others! there are some big apostasy problems in this mission its kinda out of hand haha! like the missionary in the tongan ward before us called home after chirstmas and had a girlfriend int he ward and then told everyone it was going to suck because two palangis are comin in the ward and he bnever updated the area book sot hat was sad. I have good hopes though we got the new 2013 fusion for our car and the area book updated and im speaking tongan! im just working on ward relations. yea i know about the gun laws they suck and so do politics haha! i noticed a couple things about working in the ghetto :) black people own the streets, they just walk in front of cars and in the streets and dont care who is comin haha! i also learned some fun lingo like its all cookies and you wanna catch fade and a couple other things :) thanks for sending the ace wraps! the cambodien speakers are so excited for brandon they really are i told em about it and they are ready to train him! he might deal with some scary stuff though just a warning. I been on exchanges and 1 things with the hmong and maybe the cambodien speaking missionaries they deal with shamanism. That stuff is real, its not of god but it is real so its hard to tell them its not true because it is real. we stay with the hmong missionaries and went on an exchange and this guy asked us to teach him how to pray because he has been sick in his eye because he tripped over a spirit and it hurt his eye thats what i could understand of it, you trip on spirits and they take a part of your spirit and thats what makes you sick. Anyway so he tried his hmong meds and chanting and it didnt work so he asked us to pray and we said ok. Before we taught him how he started chanting to nobody in the room and he was telling his ancestors to not be upset that he is trying modern religious ways to cure his illness and then we herd screaming in the room but it was only us and he started chanting louder and when he stopped the screaming stopped and we taught him how to pray and got the heck out of there hahah!! anyway back to cool stuff i love you all and am excited to talk to you on mothers day! i love the hmong elders they are so funny! im still with the district leader so ill probably never get away from them! your honeymoon looked super sweet! that car is way nice and that alligator was really small :) well i love ya! you guys are so great! ill end my email in tongan! eh toko malolelei! fefe hake? oku sie pe! ofa 'atu!! nofo 'a

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