Monday, January 21, 2013

Elder Jers in charge!

I knew that you would love the idea hahaha The one thing that is consistent with all of Oregon that I have seen so far is that Sunday, is stoner day. Every Sunday, without fail the state herb is just seeping from every house we go to. The tie thing isn't going to happen, it was a fun idea but we decided not to go through with it... I know I've gotta be more responsible then that. I'm so happy to hear that ya'lls honeymoon was the bomb! Sounds like you guys had fun! I dibs wrestling alligators with her! We'll make it a competition, whoever can wrangle the biggest one gets the alligator skin boots that someone is going to make me out here! The whole gun thing isn't out of the ordinary, Springfield 2nd ward is just in a really really tough part of town, lots of interesting people. We were at an investigators house the other day and I was wearing a black and blue sweater. He is slightly less accountable then some others, but he was having a really rough day and his schizophrenia was really noticeable. He said that by me wearing that sweater it meant that I wanted to beat him black and blue... We left fairly quickly because he was standing in the kitchen and there were sharp things. We first read how he can best deal with stress by reading Mosiah 21 or 24, can't remember now. He is a cool guy just has a really hard time. Today was transfers... I'm in charge of this area now! woo hoo... I like not having responsibility, if I'm not stressed then I'm not growing so Its good to have this challenge. My new companion is Elder Caswell, seems like a cool guy, little bit quite. He's from Texas, I'm pumped to get work done with him. This will be a fun transfer. Elder Shipley, Shipman Jones/ Shipwreck, is now DL in Albony and Elder Taumoelau is his ZL in Lebanin. I was pretty pumped to see him at the transfer area. Apparently the people that I was teaching down in Roseburg have been or are close to being baptized. 2 were and 2 families I was working with are close! One of them, Mike Robuck, was a missionary for another church! I'm really pumped about that. If you could pray for Tim Brown, Doug Slater, Gary and Annie Wilde, and Daniel Lindsey I would really appreciate it. they are on their way to baptism but are going through some struggles. Please pray that the spirit will touch their hearts. I love you padre and Darlene I'm excited to have you in the family, I really missed both of you on your wedding. I have a present coming in for you! I love you both. Keep up the home front.

Love Elder Larsen Sr.

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