Monday, January 28, 2013

Miracle results in new investigators in Springfield!

Padre, first of all..... Florida looks warm... I'm glad that you had an awesome honeymoon! Second of all I've heard all about the ice storms. We had 3 members in my ward all get stuck down there because of crashes. Third of all, I've always known Al Gore was an Al Quaida sympathizer, he's a democrat right? I've heard all about the gun stuff as well and its really got me worried.. I'm not a huge fan of the way things are going with the world. However, I think its possible that the reason is I only get to hear about the negative most the time. I'm so pumped for Ashley, thats so awesome! Tell Jason the ward I'm in is the ward that we should live in. They are all Trek fans/ Starwars/ Lotro/ astrology nerds, its AWESOME!! Don't you go and kill yourself on those steps! We need to fix that gutter man! Speaking of that I've been going part time as a roof cleaner and repair man! It's a lot of fun haha This week has been crazy. Shipley sadly shipped out (punny). Elder Caswell is my new companion, he's a cool guy from Texarcana Texas! I took over the area and we've had so much work to do here its nuts. I saw several miracles this week, 1 to 2 every day, it was nuts. One of the crazier ones I'll tell ya about. There is this house that myself and Shipley went by all the time. We saw a lot of traffic outside it all the time, and not the good kind. One day I just felt like I was going to be going to that house and teaching there, but it was a fleeting feeling. Then we ran into these two guys that are from Utah, less active and wanted to return to church. Then I got that feeling again. We went to go see them, then found out that it was the suspicious house! So we went there, and we taught one of the guys, then the person that owns the place came in on the lesson, and by the end of it, she was crying, and he was encouraging her to read about the bofm. Then we went back and taught the other kid and some of his friends that live there. One of the girls became a new investigator and told us that we answered her prayers. It was just crazy.... Well i've gotta go padre.  I love ya, and I hope all is well at home. Love ya popaa!
Love, Elder Larsen Sr.

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