Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Zack transfers to TONGAN SPEAKING!! Talofa Lava!

oh also how come jason aint been emailing or writting me?? he said on christmas he wanted to talk to me about somethin and never talked about it to me so im just waiting haha!

On Tue, Jan 22, 2013 at 10:29 AM, Zachary Larsen <zlarsen@myldsmail.net> wrote:

i found out how the california stop was made we found a spot where there was a stop signe and right next to it was  a do not stop at any time sign hahaha!!!! also could you send me a couple ace wraps and bandage wraps? i have used  several on my comp he got pretty hurt i kinda did too but all is well :) just short on medical supplys. also start the no bones game ok? AND STAY DEDICATED. i am very dedicated, i got no bonesed while on bike and i crashed haha! im not so smart though :) well LOVE YOU!!!!!
On Tue, Jan 22, 2013 at 10:05 AM, Zachary Larsen <zlarsen@myldsmail.net> wrote:
dad i have 3 BIG stories for you. so first and foremost transfers came in and i cant learn tahitian anymore im sorry but i have been called to the tala ofa ward TONGAN SPEAKING with a mission comp who also doesnt speak tongan and we dont get language study time and we are translating the stake conference this sunday...... GIFT OF TONGUES PLEASE! im excited to serve there and ready to take on the ew challenge i also have a car and a HUGE ghetto. I will be in the north sacramento Del paso heights. Its a ghetto to compare to stockton :) so thats going to be really fun :) second story i had a bike tire blow p in my face while pumping it, it only was at 35 PSI when it blew up and hit me good so we been on foot for this week i got a couple blisters haha. Now third and foremost brandon mcbride is called to the SACRAMENTO CALIFORNIA MISSION!! combodian speaking. im freaking out!!! just freaking out!!!  so those are my stories and ill be staying in a no english apartment with tongan speaking and mong speaking. im really excited!! i need vids and pics of gator wrestling and wedding please!! im happy to hear that SF won and are facing the Ravens :) also im excited to hear the wedding and honeymoon went well :) im happy for yall!!  well i got packing and language learning to do love ya!!!

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