Monday, January 7, 2013

Zack can't use slang?? Say it aint so!

DAD- well that will be exciting to hear about the marriage! i am trying to learn tahitian because its better than tongan :) however i have not gotten much study in because i have been kinda sick lately :( i got some stupid bug from the other missionaries while fixing the bikes. I have become quite the bike mechanic i feel lately, i have been fixing lots of bikes and messing with the gear shifters and such :) That sounds like my wonderfully amazing dog deceptive and smart :) (just like the devil haha) :o Anyway you will be amused to hear that i was chosen to sing at a wedding/baptism. I had a day advanced notice and everyone said i did good but i know its pitty i aint every been good at singing haha! i got some fun pics to send home whenever i get the sim card :) but no rush i got time and memory haha! i have some pics of our ghetto guitar, we used a pencil for the bridge and some cards to raise the action ahah! tell Ammon that he might like it. Also as for kevin and jason, im happy they will prolly be married while im gone but all im saying is for those who marry while im gone dont get invited to my wedding haha jkjkjk :)  as for ashly thats awesome she is getting married there is a pretty cute sister missionary here thats from alaska she is the talk of the town haha! Anyway transfers are comin up so i wont email till next tuesday its been a busy week! we are starting something in the mission called slaying the slang. So me and my comp are doing a talley for every slang term used its a mark and the one with the most marks buys the comp smash burger :) im winning but only by like 2 marks haha im not good at not saying freakin and gay and bro and such haha! i got myself a reindeer pelt sorry its a random thought but i just remembered it i got it for free and its super soft :) so i have been doing a lot of trunky thinking and came to the conclusion that im going to be working at rock creek pizza when i go back home. i know i hated it but now that i look at it, it was a good job and its still there when i go home so why not haha money is money and ill have no school at the moment so what else i got to do? so this week we had lots of exchanges and such because my comp is havin a bit of a hard time but he is doing well now but on my exchanges i got to drive the car which was awesome! i love driving brand new cars that go fast and actually have a break :) :) speaking of cars how is the gutless silver car? So i made a video of this mexican chocolate mix and me trying to eat it plane. It is some spicy cinimin chocolate mix where one quarter of the bar is meant for 4 cups or somethin like that sadly i did not get eh 20 dollars because i could not finish it :) well i do love you all so much and i miss you! i am happy to be able to be out here but its for sure different. tell david to email me ok? and tell him ilove em! also please someone get me sam hunters email address!!! well i would like to giver a shout out to brandon for the  hermonica and the book safe :) i love it and use it!!!! :) well love you all bye!!!!! oh also i aint got jasons letter yet and kevin should e mail me :) i love you all so much!!!!!!

kate- love ya kate!!! hope you get better real soon its no fun being sick! i also dont think its fun to have to catch up on school dont do what i did its rough haha! well love ya!!! keep me posted on everything!

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