Monday, January 7, 2013

Jeremy = Working man!

Padre, First of all, I want to high five Lia right now, pet that dog and give her some lovin haha LIA FOR THE WIN second of all, I'm pumped for your mawage! I'm gonna try and get permission to call you on saturday if that is okay with you. No promises, probably won't happen, but it doesn't hurt to try. Tell Dave hi and that he's a boss and other things that you may think are appropriate hahahaha, and tell Dan CONGRATS! thats so awesome! Sounds like you guys got a lot going on at home. I got a letter from Erik which was cool. I'm glad to hear that he's adjusting well! I've had a crazy busy week myself. We are the Guinea pigs of a new system so we're gettin swamped. On top of the fact that we have just been exploding with work to do.. It's crazy how busy we are, I hardly have time to breath at times. We have a baptism on the 19th! Tim Brown, one of the greatest people I know on this planet. We have been working with this LA guy as well, he is trying to prep to baptize his daughter, he's fallen through 3 times now, but he's on the ball now. We call him every night to see if he's reading the Book of Mormon and we talk about scriptures and other crazy stuff. He's one of the greatest guys I know, it's something else out here. So many awesome people out here its really crazy! Gary, the LA, will definitely be dunkin her soon, so we are pumped about that as well. I found out that one of my friends down in Roseburg got baptised and 2 other close friends got dates now! I've been workin with this one girl Felicia, she's down in Roseburg. She was having a really really hard time when I was there so I kept writting her and keepin up makin sure all is well. She's started going to church and she'll be getting baptised on the 19th now! It seriously wanted to make my have a tear come to my eye, but I resisted the urge.. Her family was my closest friends down there, Katie and Zack Sulliven. I loved them so much and now that Felicia is getting baptized I'm just so excited to see her family come together even closer. I'm just so pumped! The work is gettin crazy out here, there is an air of change and success. Its humbling being part of this work. I work my tail off, but when it comes down to it, I'm doing nothing, all on the spirit. I've never been busier in my life, it's a lot of fun haha I understand now why you hate taking work off. The holidays were killers. I hated taking days of on tuesday and christmas haha Its wierd to say, but I much rather would have been out working those days then just watching movies and such. Well padre don't have to much fun in Florida, zombies with rage virus will eat your face, or maybe that's just hobo's who snort bath salts... Can't remember which it is. I love you popaa, you're the, thank you for all that you do for me and all that you help me with. Tell the family I love them and miss them. I'm down with the whole tahiti pictures! I was talking to some people who went to hawaii after being in Oregon for awhile and they got burnt bad.. They told me to hit up a tanning booth so I had a baselayer burn. Then I told them I'm not a girl and they should grow a pair hahahaha I have fun with people haha I love ya pops, this church is true and the Book of Mormon is the cure for the malfunctioning soul! I love ya'll, keep workin hard and have fun in Florida. Like Nike says, Just DO it my man.
Katie Sue Bug Susan KiethburgMcSlaghlin!
I don't know where I got the name, but it's really cool haha Lia is the boss of all boss' as far as I'm concerned. I miss that pup, keep her frisky while I'm away! It was great to see you on Christmas! You gettin vamped up for popaa's marriage. I command you to through a rager while he's on his honeymoon, invite 4 people over for a movie! Then add some sprite and some popcorn or candy and you got yourself a rager! Mess up the house and have way to much fun, maybe even miss a half day of school! (you didn't hear that from me, but on that half day get some crazy bread then get crazy) I love ya kate I've gotta run. Sorry for the short mail. Love ya bye all
Elder Larsen Sr.

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