Monday, April 1, 2013

Jers is in a Trio!

Happy Easter everyone1! It has been a fun week for sure. Thank you for the care package, I really needed that celebrex. We were playing football last week, then we decided that two hand touch was for girls so we started playing tackle. That got crazy hahaha I don't know how I was able to play being on like a 500 calorie diet (Still havin some problems keepin food down, but keep that on the DL). Greatest touchdown ever though, we were about 20 yards out and we decided to do a trick play, straight out of the 2005 BYU Utah game. Everyone runs right, I break left and one of the elders lobbed it to me in the corner and I slid and caught that sucker! It was so sick. By the end of it all of us were bloody and beaten, but it was a needed game of hard knocks. We were all getting a little sissy so we had to go get a little crazy haha. Sounds like Steph is already reaping the rewards of motherhood hahahahaha Tell her I say whats up and to enjoy kickin it on the bench! If the Heat win in the NBA this year just don't tell me about it, it'll ruin my year....As for the work in our area, sadly one of my homies had to get sent home to take care of some stuff, he was a great friend and I'll miss him for sure. I told him to come visit you, he lives in Clearfield. Since he left Caswell and I took over 1st ward with Elder Clements, so we are in a trike now and we are covering both wards.. So now we are bustin out a heck of a lot more work. I'm tired, that's all I've gotta say, I'm really really really tired hahahaha I am owed some sleep in two years.. The work is going crazy fast though, we are working with a new family that is just golden, I'm so pumped about them! They are about as ready as it gets. I'm afraid of transfers coming up though, I don't want to leave this place. I've seriously come to love the families here so much, I feel like they are my family, mainly because they are my family in a way. The bishops family and a few others have just taken me in over here. Also this coming week is Caswell's B-day on the 3rd, if you could sen him a letter or something I'd appreciate it.  It looks like ya'll had a fun time at the festival of colors. I'll have to go sometime, I had to work last time all of my friends went haha. Well I love ya padre and hope you and momma Darlene are doing well. Tell Kevin good luck with the choir and such. I love ya and I'll talk to ya next week. Thank you so much for the support and all! Stay up and stay well all ya'll!
Elder Larsen sr.

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