Monday, April 22, 2013

Zack is in Wilton

well dad im sorry i didnt email you i felt bad but i ran out of time. i have been kicked out of the tongan ward sadly and now im in the middle of no where. im in the elk grove stake covering the wilton and sheldon wards. in wilton california. im still practicing my tongan but this place is super spread out and full of gun toating cowboys which is really fun :) not a lot of tongans :)  we get a chance to do service almost every day here!!  i need yall to stock up on ammo because its so scarce now days so please stock up big i have a bad feelin comin :) we also get to do hiking and paint balling out here which is fun i dunno if its apostate or not but we do it anyway!  :) :) we have a missionary that is british but from utah he has a thick accent so i thought i would tell you that we have our irish british bashes and then both agree france sucks bad! :) :) anyway i do love you and im glad your having fun! the hikes look really fun and i miss it lots!. im glad all is well :) im sorry i didnt email again :) so my companion is going home soon he is trunky but i dont blame him i would be too! so anyway i think your all awesome! i do miss yall much. lets see, is my chinchy doing well? i need daves address please. i do love you and your amazing! having a good time in the middle of nowhere we just had a baptism we are going to have one this week and the next week and the next one so im excited about that too! LOVE YALL!
kevin- im glad things are going well! it sounds like your a ganna be famous one day! well im sadly not in the tongan ward anymore which makes me very very sad but ims till studying my language! i am now in Wilton California middle of freaking nowhere! not bad though. lots of guns and lil ammo so the members are in an uproar about the end of the world :) something about the govment buying ammo to put us down when we rise up against them because they are taking away our guns ya know all that good stuff! anyway im enjoying myself. im paintballing i dunno if thats legal or not but oh well. president i dont think likes me very much he calls me every transfer and keeps reminding me to work hard, i have been so i dunno why he does that haha and im 9 months in and still Jr not that it matters but i think he dont like me haha! anyway i love you and i think your awesome dont get married while im gone and beat up jason for being dumb for me :)

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