Monday, April 1, 2013

Zacks trouble...but busy!

dad- well the color festival looks awesome! to bad i didnt get to go haha! i aint got no care package yet. i aint got any letters in a while :( as for the pics i love them it helps me stay close to you guys which is always good! my finger healed all retarded maybe because i didnt really wrap it it up and i kept playing rugby still kinda hurts. i mostly been focusing on why im def in my right ear because the docs dunno haha! either way i think they are all comin so prep for a room for them. try and give em a good spot they are kinda big guys haha!  krilistian tupou played for USC and was an animal then the chargers until he got hurt then his brother fenukie tupou playd for Oregon and then the Eagles and then the saint and got hurt but they are going back to NFL soon. we are trying to get  krilistian to go on a mish though. sounds like an awesome plan for the step sister and brother and good for jason! he needs to freaking write me though!!!!!! its almost been a year! uuhh lets see i got in a lil trouble because the DL who is being super anal said i aint being EXACT obedient but the ZL's came to talk to us and said hey your doin good and you have more baptisms comin up than any ward in the zone right now so just try to be more obedient and also they recommended me for leadership. well im glad you all had a great easter! and my nephews are growing up so fast! i miss em all! but i love you all tons! sadly my watch got stolen off my wrist tricky ghetto peeps....... well love yall keep me posted!!! we had a baptism on saturday it was great! i spoke tongan at it and he is solid. he keeps asking about what he has to do for a mission i love that guy! we are going to baptize his sister and mom this month :) BYE!!!!!!

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