Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Zack gets transfer...eats horse

kate-sounds like the week was good for you!! im glad to hear it! im happy your doing well in choir and in school! let me know how SBO goes :)i love you and miss you!!

dad- i want banana king pics :) one day you will admit to it :) as for my friends being there it was Jr. who held me at gun point but yea he got me pretty good! img lad they had a good time while they were there! im being transfered to english work again int he middle of nowhere so im out of the city. im still Jr. comp guess i suck at this mission thing haha! well im still going to practice my tongan and im going to miss the ward, they did this tongan tradition with me and some members were crying that iw as leaving ill come back and visit them! christain we have to get on a mission so im going to try to on my last day here in the ward. im glad all is well at the house and yes hollands talk was the most helpful to me! it was a rough week for me but its all good still alive and kickin. i got to eat a lot of horse this week which made me happy because it tastes so good!!!!!  i got it because im leaving, horse is hard to get since its against the law to eat :) oh fun ghetto story for today, we went into these super ghetto appts and were talking to some kids saying they need to be baptized and then the ghetto bird (police chopper that patrols the city) started circiling the area we were in. We knew we had to get out quick so we booked it out of there as we pulled out 12 cops came screaming into the place it was pretty crazy! so we got out just in time :)  well thats all my week i got the care box thank you very much i love you all goodbye!!

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