Monday, April 22, 2013

Jers loving his new area..with challenges

Well it sounds like ya'll have had a pretty crazy week! Good to hear that all of ya are still out and about and stayin busy! I got the package and the letter and I really appreciated it Darlene! Thank you so much for the letter! It's been a good week and a busy week as well. I've been workin my tail off to get the ward to trust us here. The trust in the ward is at a low because of some previous missionaries so they think that we are just a bunch of trouble makers. I've been thrown under the bus by several of them already but all you can do is just take it, smile and ask how we can improve hahaha I've really wanted to make a few other comments but hey, the mission has taught me patience. As for the bunny... all I can think of is when Gimmly (or however you spell it) told Eowen that Aragorn fell of the cliff after the warg fight. It must have been that dramatic... May the bunny rest in peace, and may kimmers enjoy a meal or two of bunny meat. It looks like down south is really nice right now. Its nice for us up here now. I'm loving Oregon's start to the summer.  Its so gorgeous up here, its greener then green and its just feels awesome all the time. Tammy and I had a great exchange this week as well, he taught me a lot again. Its crazy how he's still able to teach me stuff haha He taught me that I need to be bold when it comes to keeping my comp obedient because it will affect my own salvation and I will be held accountable because of the way that I treat my leadership position. So he just told me to be bold and loving at the same time. So I'm experimenting with how to do that in a better way. I had some fun with Tammy again though. Elder Gardner and I are rockin it and are working well together, we're really gettin along and I feel like we will have an awesome transfer. We will be having a baptism on the 4th of may, so if you could keep Ronald Richardson in your prayers that would be appreciated. Well I love ya padre and Darlene and errybody else in da house! I hope this week rocks for ya and I hope that you are all feeling well.

Nivek! I SAW YOU!!!! I was like, hey.. hey.. you see that guy... yeah.. thats my bro.. no biggy He's just baller enough to be singing for priesthood holders everywhere... no big deal right. Yeah, I was a wee bit prideful for ya hahaha So I have gained a huge respect for ya over the last week and how you stand up for your morals. I've had to do that a bit over the last little bit and man it can be tough at times. So thanks for being an example to me man. It's great to hear from ya and I'm glad to hear that life is still moving fast for ya. If you become a world renowned designer for stuff then remember the little guys. (which I am becoming more and more everyday.....) I'm down to 175 man, its just straight up craziness... I want to hear some of your crazy mission stories man, I know you got some and now that I'm a missionary you can geek out with me! Also I've decided that missionaries are the most sacrilege people alive. We only make religious jokes and i've said some that I won't repeat just out of bad habit. We play all kind of games as we tract and are at dinner. Its funny. I've sac tapped my comps right as someone gets to the door and they have to try and man up and just go with it haha We are havin tons of fun and we are working hard at the same time, its the perfect balance that all missionaries need to find haha Well man I love ya and hope all is well! Its awesome to hear from you! love ya bro

Katie Sue Bug Keithburg Mclaughlin-
 So the loser thing was just me being frustrated with the loss, I'm a bad loser and I feel like just because how awesome you are you shoulda won and everyone else needs to lose, your my sister so anyone that gets in your way is bad in my book. But I'll be nice hahaha I love hearing from ya when you can Kate and when you can't I understand, don't worry about it. The AP test is way easier then its made to seem, just relax and don't psych yourself out and you'll rock it. All you got think is "I've done this a thousand times" act like you've been there and it'll become easier. Practice winning pretty much haha If you have choir that much you'll be a pro rock singer when I return and we'll make a band! I'll play the air drums and Zack can guitar and Lisa can play the violin and it'll be awesome! Well Kate I love ya so much and hope all is well. Read from Dads message as well if you want to know more about the week as well as kevs. I love ya!
Elder Larsen SR.

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