Monday, April 15, 2013

Jeremy is in Albany!!

Well my week is complete, all I needed to see was Slade and Jason in banana suits and my life is complete hahaha. So my new address is
930 9th st Albany OR 97322.
As for feeling better I'm doin okay. Not much has changed but I'm doin fine so it's not a big deal. For the Mission Split it happens on July 1st, but thats the day of Transfers so its really a complete guess as to which mission I'll be in. I'm glad my stuff came through, I didn't have room to pack that stuff around and I'll never use my temple clothes so I needed them home haha. As for needin stuff I really don't think I need much right now, things are going pretty well. My new Comp is from Provo, he's a sick kid. I'm pumped to be working with him. We set 2 baptismal dates this week which was dope, keep them in your prayers. Also I read a scripture the other day that really made me thankful to have had such awesome parents, go read 2nep 2:4, it really stood out to me and has really helped me along out here. BTW, the photoshop job looks perfect, it looks like we were actually there haha! Sounds like you are leading an army down south ha, we actually were eating dinner with one of the High Counselors in the ward and he had pictures of Paria up, and I was like "whats up son!" Needless to say we got along very well haha The people in this ward already know me from a few people down in Springfield so my reputation is preceding me..... Pray that this reputation will fade hahaha I've been blessed to be here man, I really am pumped even though I miss a bunch of people from down there. Miracle of the week here was this: Guy calls us up after we had set a goal to get 2 baptisms this transfer, we are thinking "how on earth is this gonna go down" right? So then a guy calls us and tells us that he wants to be baptized... It was straight up crazy. Then I finally said my first missionryism. I was talking about months and I said "yeah, thats two transfers from now"..... I'm thinking in transfers not months anymore! Its official I'm a missionary, I was just pretending before. Well I love ya'll and hope that everyone is doing okay. Tell Katie that I love her and that it doesn't matter that she didn't win because that spot is for losers anyway haha Tell her to hit me up, and tell Kevin that I saw his face and about fell outta my seat I was so excited. I was like "You see that!! YOU SEE THAT KID RIGHT THERE!!! thats my brother... thats whats up haha I love ya'll and I would encourage all of you to share Tom Perrys talk with all, cause he lays down the law like Clint Eastwood. Also those bofm's were awesome, it's nice to have more testimony to share with the people around me! That's all I do all day, mine gets a little old haha I love ya'll tell Jason and Kevin and Katie and whoever else to write sometime! That wedding photo is beautiful btw, all ya'll guys were lookin studly and all the girls were looking beautiful! It must have been an awesome time for errybody. Well, love ya again  and I'm looking forward to mothers day. Peace out

Elder Larsen Sr.

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