Monday, April 29, 2013

Zacks Trunky companion

dad- that is a short letter. well first off ill start withthe things im asking for :) i need daves address, i aint got it yet :) and now to fun country stories :) first off we went to see a member and he was riding his ATV in his garments on his 5 acre property which wasfunny, but he is away nice guy i love him he makes me laugh a lot!  also im getting a southern accent pretty bad haha! everyone here is from lousiana and arkansas and oklahoma and stuff haha! so im getting it badand my comp is making fun of me. my comp is WAY TRUNKY!! he goes home in 3weeks and its all he can talk about! he just talks about howmany P days he has left and reading his family letters to me about how much they miss him andi jsut say DUDE SHUT THE FREAK UP! i aint goin home so dont make me trunky. on the other hand its easy to get away with stuff because he is the district leader so he just approves anything i ask to do :) so i have learned a lot of magic tricks since i been out here and i share them with all our younger investigators, im pretty sure thats why theparents let us in to teach em because i occupy them with magic first :)   although one strange thing is we have a 12 year old girl who wants to be baptized and taught, but not by us because she feels all guys our age just objectify girls for thier looks AND SHE IS 12 YEARS OLD! 12 and already a feminist. grantid i like girls but thats not ALL i do i also rock climb and stuff hahaha!! ;) hey quick question, whats the first and last anem of our family in tiwan? well love ya! oh also we had a guy see us drive down his road at night and he came out with a shot guna nd racked it and i said hey its themissionaries! and he said oh crap! and realeased all the shells, he said not a lot of people come down his street at night and was afraid we were robbers which was fun!
kevin- yea i know we need to be super duper obedient, but you know me haah i always have a hard time with the rules. im so cool i dont follow any rules except for my own ;) if you get that quote. anyway its funny your town was wilson and mine is wilton :) anyway im workin on being better and i like Jr.position but i just get burnt out on doing the same thing i wanna train is what i wanna do hahah! ok so kevin there is an missionary in the city of herriamine, you know accross the valley. he is a spansih speaking missionary from the ward imservingin and having a hard time. go find himand see if they can have you go teach with em his name is elder triton taylor. go find him :) i love ya and i hope you are enjoying life asx it is. dont get married while im gone:)
kate- ill send the hate letter again :) anyway im glad chinchy is doing well that makes me happy :) i love ya!  gald allis going well for you! it sounds like the chem teacher is pretty cool sorry about madrigals and  the teacher leaving thats sad :( anyway im glad all isstill wellthough! idolove ya and your amazing! i have a request for you! can you get me marian crocketts address please? and send it in the mail to me byletter so i get it faster send it tomorrow :)
anyway i love ya! keep up the good work your amazing and im proud of ya!

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