Monday, April 29, 2013

Jeremy talks to Orange Juice Man

Well Padrero I really appreciate you hookin that up. I can only look back and see some of the things that you went through with me so I don't get the full affect of your side and how you dealt with my BS. Man its crazy to see myself in others and be thinking "wow, what a dick..." Then I look back and I think, wow I was a dick hahahaha So its just kinda what it is I guess. I love and appreciate you for putting up with me. So this week was an interesting one. Things have been kinda crazzy up in Albany. We met this guy who is absolutely insane. I'm not talkin small potatoes. I'm talking full blown the guy thinks hes a cup of orange juice crazy. So we are meeting with this PM family at a homeless shelter and there is this dude sittin there just trippin balls from what I think. However my Grandfather informs me that this is not possible. We go back the next day and the guy is still freakin out hahaha So we end up talking to him after the lesson and here are a few of the things that this guy said. "I'm a Jew from Taiwan and North Korea who was abused in the Elders Zone" (also but a batman voice to this and thats how he sounds) "I believe in the desecration of Mary to save woman", " I have a Chinese robot in my throat that has constant communication with my abusers, the radio transmission controls my body" (also his hands and head are just wiggen out the entire time we are talking), "There was more then one war going on in 2012! AND THE MORMONS WERE INVOLVED!", Then while he's in the middle of talking again he just blurts out, "MILITARY KILL THEM ALL! KILL THEM ALL!!!!!" So at this point I'm gettin a wee bit nervous that this guy is going to drive a stake through my chest so we start to back up. He then tells us to tell our Elders that "There is a Jew in the Elders Zone that has been victimized and Nazied, within the Elders Zone". This went on for quite awhile. Also this week I gave the greatest talk of my life I think. It was awesome! We finally got away but man it was crazy. I wish I could have filmed it and send it to ya'll you would love it. Pray for Ronald Richardson this week he is strugglin, W.O.W. and is currently not progressing unfortunately.. Things are still rolling along though, the mission keeps flying by. I love ya popaa and I appreciate you more everyday. You're a boss and I hope you and Darlene and the fam are doing well!

Nivek! HAHAHAHA Get totally wrecked on that deal, hey look at the bright side, you are off the hook for sunday meetings haha To be perfectly honest, the early morning sunday meetings are rough man. We say what we need to say then sit there with our thumb firmly placed up where the sun don't shine. But I do love being involved in the ward. This week I gave the best talk I've ever given I'm pretty sure. I felt super awesome about it! I've gotten a lot better at speaking in public. I think that I've just become a lot more comfortable with who I am and thats mad it a lot easier. I'm working on becoming good at being loving and bold with him so it's a work and progress. I love ya kev and hope all is well! Look at the thing above and give me a crazy story about some crazy people that you met with!

Katie Sue Bug Mclaughlin!

Well I'm sorry to hear that your teacher is leaving! :( that is a total bummer? How excited are ya for summer coming? Read about the crazy person and draw a picture of what you think the guy looks like and send me a picture! I would love you forever. YES, my love is conditional at time haha Kate you're gonna have to rock a solo for me when I get back! Start practicing comfortably numb or something haha I love ya and hope all is well. Sorry for the shaft of an email.. I'm lame but I gotta write my president to or he gets pissed... I love all of ya'll and pray for ya daily.
Elder Larsen Sr.

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