Monday, July 1, 2013

Jeremy and a miracle of the week

Well well well, This week has been a week a day and a month all in one, its been nuts. I don't even know whats hit me the last little bit, its just runnin by. Time needs to slow down so I can catch up hahaha We have been teaching a ton of people, the ward has been helpin us out a ton. At sacrament this week our bishop got up at the pulpit and was just like... so everyone pull out your phones... now this is the missionaries number.... now call them for referrals and for helping them with lessons.... now this is the WML number call him for the same things.. HAHA it was dope. We have really been enjoying the time up here in Albany, we are bustin butt everyday. The Lord has really been keepin me on the up and up cause otherwise  I don't think that I would be able to be doin what I'm doin. I've really noticed the work part in missionary work as of late. I think your work ethic is rubbing off on me..... How is Jason doin? him and Jennica just a married couple by now or what hahaha Everyone over there has caught a bug I think. (the love bug harharhar...) So miracle of the week. So we were thinkin should we do daily contact with our neighbor, and I'm like nah... and then I thought more and talked to Muir about it and we decided yaaaa... So we go over there and knock, she looks like she isn't happy to see us to much. She comes out and I go to Moroni 7 and read the vs. on Charity. So she starts to tell us a story about how she had been offended and was pissed, but that the scripture was exactly what she had forgotten to apply. She was really moved by it, I just pulled it outta no where, it was totally by the spirit. It was the perfect scripture that she needed. Only the spirit knows stuff like that... I really do love this constant companionship thing, its pretty awesome, I've just gotta stay humble and give thanks to him all the time. I've really been trying to apply the pray always thing in my life also its keepin me on track to keep the ghosty around; its been a toughy though, but I'm getting a bit better at it.  Well I love ya and I hope that you guys are doin well. I'm in the OSM now, with President Samulain (Samulon) straight outta the bofm.. Also I found the shoes, they are 140bucks ecco's. Also here is a list of the things that I have been stayin alive on the last little bit just so you get an idea of what I'm buying at walmart- Bread, eggs, Protein  drink, 2 boxes of Cliff Protein bars, 1 box of Carb bars, milk, cereal, and vitamins C, D, and Calcium as well as a joint support thing for my ankle. So I've talked to a doctor about it and they said that its a good idea to supplement since I'm losing so much but it really does cost more. I'm going to stop going out to eat though, I've been wastin cash and its not mine to waste so I'm sorry for that. I repent of my spendyness and hope that you forgive me. I love ya'll! Tell kevin to hit me up and Jason Darlene and whoever else as well. I love ya and hope all is well.
Elder Larsen Sr.

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