Monday, July 8, 2013

Jeremys new mission president!

SOOO... My address is 930 9th st sw Albany Or 97321. But who knows what is going to happen, we have transfers in 2 weeks so I dunno what is going to go on. Our new president is awesome. I totally love the guy. P Young was awesome and I'll miss him, but this guy seems really interested in getting our lives off to a good start. Not our missions, he's talking about preparing us for our lives. Thats how I've really felt over the last month or two. This isn't just me doing stuff for 2 years, its just how my life is going to be from now on. I like the twist that he's put on it and the love he has for us. I really do hope that I'm able to keep up this kind of life style for the rest of my life. Not teaching people in lessons every day, but having this work ethic, doing this kind of studying and having this positive attitude all the time. I'm looking back now on this last year and I don't even recognize myself a lot of the time. I really feel like I've had some huge changes in my heart. Its pretty dope. Our 4th of July was fun. I had some good times with my America Tie!! Then we had a picnic with a our investigators! Bunch of the ward came out and we had a party. I wish we were at the parade with my nephews. I don't have a whole lot of time to talk unfortunately I've gotta bunch to do. We've topped out lessons this week, most I've had on my mission so far. This ward is something else, I really love it up here haha. I've seen tons of crazy stuff this last week. I love ya'll! if it was possible to send me clif bars the 20g protein ones and the energy bars that would be helpful so I'm not spendin so much, they are pricey.. Mint chocolate/Peanut butter and then whatever for the energy ones. Also for the doctor thing I haven't been in except for my back, I'm just kinda livin with it for now cause I don't have time to go see a doctor at the moment. I'm still alive so  it must not be to bad. Definitely buggin me and such but hey nothing I can do about it for now. I love ya and am glad that ya'll are having fun times!
Elder Larsen Sr.

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