Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Zack with new baptisms and new investigators...through service!

oh and the chaples thing is going to be missionaries will be in the chaples on the internet from 10 AM to 3 or 5 PM talking online and on facebook but also doing church tours and treating it like a visitors center.

On Tue, Jul 2, 2013 at 11:38 AM, Zachary Larsen <zlarsen@myldsmail.net> wrote:
so we are building this huge sheet metal house 38 metal sheets about 4 feet wide and about 115 feet tall and we are building it with a non member that was referred to us by the heathcotes! this guy went from oh crap missionaries to loving us for helping and inviting us back we are going to start teaching him and I truly think its a blessing from the lord honestly we have been stuck with no investigators in wilton after our baptisms and now we are getting an influx of them! then we just stopped by a former investigators house to see whats up and he let us in and started telling us how he is wanting to be a Mormon and wants us to come back and start teaching him again. then we go toa members home who said oh our neighbor down the road might be receptive we will invite them to a bbq and bring yall along and we are also adopting 2 maybe 3 kids and we want you to teach them about the gospel. so its been a great week of major blessings but with every great week there is an opposing side and that is im def again and I dunno why yet but I am in my right ear. its not the typical reason either so im going back to the docs. if I don't survive my mission it wil be because California killed me haha. well im off to go play with the zonkie and the fainting goat that the heathcotes have! I love this mission and I love being able to be so close to the spirit and working with our heavenly father in the work of salvation!

On Tue, Jul 2, 2013 at 11:06 AM, Zachary Larsen <zlarsen@myldsmail.net> wrote:
yea I heard about that crew that died its really sad and hasn't happened in a long time I hate hearing about that. also firefighters are kinda hated here in California because theya re over paid and some other problems going on. anyway its super super super HOT out here!!! they said it will cool down to 101 degrees by Friday or Saturday. its going to be 108 today and 111 tomorrow and 113 Thursday :( its so so so so hot. also we as a mission baptized 93 people in june!  well I was thinking of maybe you sending me my electric acoustic guitar! im learning some songs :) and a tuner would be nice! so Jason is getting hitched huh? he still aint sent me a letter and this is my year mark transfer so he is lame or since you don't know tongan I can say meaner things he is faka lati! :) or faka fafine! :) he needs to send me a letter. well glad all is going wella nd alan is aHPG leader huh? that's nuts he isn't old enough. uuhh lets see our ward does great with member missionary work we have really jump started the two wards. we have been doing a fun lesson and teaching how it relates to doing missionary work and to serving the community and we have seen a TON of success we have 3 baptisms lined up and 2 more that's are close so we are very excited for everything! I found out that taho is in our mission!! im excited and going there for sure! it is my birthday huh well that's fun! :) thanks for the package! love ya! also lots of fires out here and I hang with my firefighter members whoa re sick they all want me to come out here and work since they make way more money. a 7 year battalion chief makes half a million out here! but I said ill probably never live in the terrible state of California and he said he doesn't blame me but he is way sick I love that guy he is going to take me to taho!  there were some things I was going to say but forgot because my memory is still bad. I dunno if my  comp is going to make it out here! he is talking about going home and I dunno how to report him or report that he wants to go home. he lied to my face and called family on the cell phone and i found out so that's as problem and he is pretty much just not caring about anything so its rough but we just keep trying ill teach hima ll I know and everything I got and help the best I can but the rest is between him and the lord. well I love you all and you guys are the greatest ever! YEAR MARK COMING UP!!!!!!! LOVE YOU!

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