Monday, July 15, 2013

Zack channels Ammon in Wilton!

oh also we hit 92 baptisms in the mission for the month of june and hopefully this month we will do better :)

On Mon, Jul 15, 2013 at 10:37 AM, Zachary Larsen <> wrote:
well dad i dunno what to say other than ui sent my email to ya. we are super busy out here in the wilton and sheldon wards. we have 7 solid investigators and several progressing part member families. we have a baptism set up for the 27th of july and 4 set up in august and hopefuly 6 in august if this week goes well. we are really working hard and im hoping it wil be enough to get my comp engaged with the work because he still aint doing anything. we had a great heart to heart convo and i got to know him really well. the lord has been teaching me patience and how to correct with love i think thats a very important attribute to have as a parent so i never thought i would be parenting in the mission field. i know that the lord has helped up 100% this week we were able to get 4 investigators to church and 3 up to the temple grounds so its been such a fantastic week. i know that if we are obedient which i really try to be then we will see miracle and i will be able to get the most out of my mission. im loving the mission field and i recommend it to everyone! i know its tough and hard but there is no growing in the comfort zone and no comfort in the growing zone and the gospel of jesus christ is simple and easy but not comfortable. its very hot out here and the service projects are really in full fledge between welding fences building metal aircraft shelters and moving 70 yards of rock i have been able to work up a remarkably sexy tan :) so now the ladies really got love me :) we have the members out here really booming with missionary work as the church has made a big push on it and as we have been able to teach them a specific lesson me and my last comp came up with! serving others is the way to baptize and to get members to trust and help you. if i could be like any missionary other than nephi of course i would want to be like ammon because of how he serves the lamanites, he came in and said im here to serve you not to teach the gospel or to get you to do stuff but to serve you and probably till i die here. this is how you gain the trust and ability to teach others. as you serve others a great spirit comes into the situation and they get curious why you do what you do and in those crummy clothes haha. well sounds like the family is in full summer swing busy busy busy! glad kevin is out and about with the chicas! when is jason getting married eh? also when is he going to send me a letter tell him i get more mail from me ex girlfriends than i do from him. even the one from manti gosh! i even get more mail from a random girl who is the sister of one of my comps and i aint ever even met her. anyway 6 months huh> congrats 6 months seems like not so long ago but i guess its 6 months!?!?! crazyness. ia int got the birthday packages yet sadly :( the office elders suck pretty bad! i yelled at emi should get em this week :) my birthday was gerat thougH! i love you all so muchand if you aint sent my guitar just dont send it because idecided it would be tough to move around with me :) i love you your all amazing! im interested to hear about this new travel plan but sad we dont have a spot in vegas anymore how am i to go home and go less active if i cant stay in vegas?!?!?! jokes jokes jokes :) love youa ll so much! keep being amazing!

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