Monday, July 29, 2013

Zack digs ditches and baptizes!

actually I must say that I have taken up liking some country music :) sorry dad! I better get some pics because I want to be updated I send home pics so you need to send me pics on the email ok? ok good! :) anyway well I had a good interview with president and he asked me how my testimony is doing and ii told him that when you had no testimony any testimony is a vast improvement right? and then he proceeded to tell me how my testimony is because he is a psychic and a cool dude. as you can tell my slay the slang is not really working out for me haha! I need angry words sometimes :) so we have been digging ditches for members and putting in waterlines and they have been giving us people to go see so I finally found how to get to the hearts of the people but you have already heard my sermon about serving others so I wont go into more detail than that :) great news though, this family that im digging ditches for said that they will hold onto their ford ranger until I get home and sell it to me because he was selling it and I said I want it and so he took it off the market and said he will sell it to me :)tell grandma and grandpa falgoust and rex thank you for the wonderful birthday cards!!!! we had a baptism one Saturday! I also had the opportunity to do the confirmation. I went to church alone this sunday because both my companion and another missionary got really really sick so nobody can be around them..... infact on Sunday they went to the ER for some kidney problems but they are doing well now and I should be with them soon :) :)   its been a crazy week 3 bikes got stolen and 2 missionaries went to the ER. well I don't know who megan is or when she is leaving on her mission but if I had any advice for her it would be KNOW YOUR PURPOSE AS A MISSIONARY and don't forget it, always strive to fulfill it because the life of a disciple of jesus Christ is a good one. well love you all so much!! your great! bye!!

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