Monday, September 30, 2013

New project in Jeremys Zone!!!

Hola! So another crazy week. We are busy with tons of stuff and we are just getting busier. This week we were able to actually do some proselyting which was crazy. We found a new family to teach which is awesome. We really are blessed according to the amount of work that we do. We don't get to go out and see new people to often, but when we do, we find new families to teach. <---- (beer commercial reference) Thanks for getting that information for me :) I would have to only spend 700 a semester because the discount we get as missionaries from the Salem mission so that wouldn't be a bad idea. Except for I bet I won't do it just cause it doesn't really fit into my plan.... I appreciate the update on sports! how are the Falcons doing? Hows the NFL lookin? So this last week we had some cool stuff go on. Elder Raulston and I were blessed with some revelation concerning a vision for the next 3 months. We prayed about it and feel like we as a zone will baptize 33 in the next 3 months. We showed our mission president the whole "vision" and how we were going to accomplish it. I'll send a copy of it and show ya.. It was the first time I've ever really prayed about a project and really feel like the Lord guided it during the making of it. We've been doing a lot of other work in condensing the Missionary Process for the Stake here and possibly for the mission. We showed our Mission Pres it and he was impressed. I don't feel as bad about spending a lot of time on the computers now, I do prefer going out and talking with people; but the fact that its going to help the mission as a whole makes me feel like we were doing the right thing. Other then that we have been having a great time. My companion and I are a lot like each other so we really get along but we easily distract one another so we started a 40 day fast. I'm trying to cut all slang, inappropriate comments, and a few other things. We hold off from those things for 40 days and try and help each other improve in each of those areas. Its day one and its very difficult. I say dude a lot, I also mention my past way to much. I figure that it goes from thoughts, to words, to action. I've cut the action, now I need to cut the words, after that hopefully the thoughts will follow. Lots of changes going on with me still. I learned recently that even though I've gone through the repentance process, that was just the beginning of a much larger task for the future. I wish I could write more but we are short on time. I love ya and hope all is well. Tell Kate sorry I haven't gotten back to her. I love her and its great to hear from her. I love all of you. Your example has continued to inspire me to be better and do better. thank you for your example padre. Elder Larsen Sr

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