Thursday, January 2, 2014

Zacks blood pressure :(

glad that the fam had a lot of fun for the holidays thats great! thanks for the pics i enjoy them a lot! cant wait to send my photos home! you will like em! i dont got much time to email because iw as messing around up in big trees all day!~ you will like the photos! it was great to see most the fam on skype! im glad you talked with my converts they are awesome! who else called or was it just them? i wanna go to the salt lake temple, it sounds cool! things here were great! i love the tie and all the gifts, like i said we made bethlahem out of all the candy! i had a couple close accidents with my heart on these meds while i was playing sports! we are switching the meds out soon but now i have to go to roseville to do my Dr. stuff and im jsut unhappy about the whole thing, i have been pushing the whole no sodium diet and been doing it anyway! hey quick questions, whats my blood type? please find out for next PDAY which will be on monday! anyway things are graet here! we have a baptism set up for the 18th we are excited! im happy and had a great new years and a grea christmas thank you so much for all you do! im grateful for all your support! thanks for the class heads up i appriciate it! you can send all that stuff to me no worries! try and get jeremy to come home earlier so he can live with me in orem and go to school because i wanna start right away but prolly not alone because if im ganna be lost i better be lost with someone else haha! anyway gots to go my comp is unhappy hahah love you all bye!

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