Monday, January 20, 2014

Investigator Sunday for Jeremy!

Okay, so I'm just about 100x jealous of that trip man... We'll definitely be checkin that place out one of these days! We'll have to go over the history of all that jazz together someday so that when we get our BofM daily study together we can all visualize better whats going on. So brush up on that history! I love ya padre! Yesterday was insaaaaaneeeee! We had the Fraser's there, James Marck and his family was there, Paula was there and so was Dawn Morris Jackson and her kids. 10 total investigators at sacrament. I honestly was just in shock. Basically I would really appreciate if you would pray for these families. I love these people, I love Turner ward, and I just love this work. We've seen a bunch of miracles this week. I've come to know that 830 to 9pm are the times that the lord just hooks up the miracles. Its something else. We were out and our lesson fell through, so we decided to go and find someone. We were walking along the way when my comp just stopped and said, we need to pray! We prayed, then bam! a couple rounded the corner and we spiritually slayed them! It was Gnarls Barkley my friend. My comp reminds me a lot of myself when I first came out. Hes got a similar story, he's a competent person, very confident in himself and its just cool to be around him. He's going to be playing baseball at BYU, he's a pitcher and already played college ball before he came out. How has Kevin and Jason been? How's Mama Darlene? anything crazy going on with ya'll?? Hit me up my friend. I love ya and pray that you are continuing to progress in the love of our Lord. I know that this church is true, I love God, Christ and I love that they saw it needful to change my nature. Please pray that I may stay worthy of the trust of the Lord and continue to be a tool in his hands, I pray the same for you and I know that your efforts are not wasted in this work. I want you to know, that Christ is my personal savior, I love him so much and I cannot ever amount to be worthy of his grace, I recognize this now and give thanks for his mercy. Until next week. Love all of you! Elder Larsen Sr. First picture is my posterity, One on the right of me is my new comp on the left is Moon and his left is his new trainy. 2nd is the Fraser family and Moony before he left. Then Noah and Kye's baptism with Moon

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