Monday, January 27, 2014

Baptisms and fire of the spirit in Oregon!

Yo!! So some thoughts on Christ's role in our life.... K, what was his purpose? His purpose was to help accomplish the Father's mission statement... "Bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man". So his role for us was to come down and first bring immortality, well being God himself he had complete control on his own life or death so he could lay it down and take it back up as to accomplish the means in how we may all be resurrected, so he had to go to the cross. So he accomplished the Immortality in his resurrection, next eternal life. The Garden By that sacrifice he made it possible for all of us to attain Eternal Life. So his role in our lives was 1. The Atonement 2. the Resurrection. Everything else was ancillary to that, even his example. Just so you know I love doctrine now, I want to talk about it all day everyday. The scriptures are the greatest things ever.... Go check out D&C 76:41 and 1 John 3:8. This week we've had some crazy stuff happen. We had a lesson with a gal by the name of Paula Iverson. Her nephews both got baptized a month ago and she has really felt the spirit in her home and at church. We followed the spirit on one of the lessons with her and it was just crazy. Seriously the boldest I've ever been in a lesson with anyone. The spirit just made me say things that I honestly couldn't believe but the Lord willed it and it happened. She'll be getting baptized on the 1st of March. My companion is an amazing teacher and he's just brought a whole new fire to the companionship. We found another family that we are going to teach again on Tuesday. They're a Catholic family, I'm really excited to work with them. They know that there are some things messed up with their doctrine so they're pumped to hear some new stuff. On Saturday we went to 3 baptism's... It was nuts. A guy I was working with down in Albany got baptized, that was sweet to see that happen. His LA friend who we were working with baptized him! It was just amazing to see what the Lord was able to pull off with that group. the 2nd one was Kristine Dodge. Do you remember that story about us going to the hospital? With Elder Drake and his Migraine so we went out late and found those 2 families. Kristine was the first lady we talked to. It was one of the craziest faith building experiences in my life. I was so pumped to be there and speak at it. Her family is following suit very soon! It was a sweet week all together. Life is good here! I'm bummed to hear about how Grandpa is doing. I knew it would get tough for him though. I'll definitely keep him in my prayers. How's Grandma doing with it? How gnarly of a surgery is Kate going through? Those are never fun...... Speaking from experience they definitely blow.... Make sure that she's got Lia around her all the time and a bunch of good movies otherwise its just the worst. What you and Darlene should have done was gone Dog Sledding! You have enough dogs to do it! Well we love ya all. I hope that you have a great week! BTW I'm going to be getting an Ipad tomorrow.. Crazy huh.. Well love ya'll Elder Jeremy Larsen

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